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10 Exciting Things to Do In Orange County (California) This Spring That Will Let You Take a Break

With pandemic restrictions easing and the Californian sun shining as beautiful as ever, we don’t blame you if you’re starting to daydream about locking away the laptop and getting an escape. Plus, we bet you deserve it!

As entrepreneurs, it's extremely easy and common to get caught up in the drive and motivation to always be doing what's best for our business but its also too important to not only remember to make time for yourself but to actually take time for yourself too!

So whether you’re a native Californian or tourist, we’re sure there’s something on our list of 10 exciting things to do in Orange County, California, that will surprise you as you take a break from business life and indulge in the freedom you’ve been working so hard to build! And because we’ve got things for all budgets, we don’t want to hear any excuses! Read on to plan out your Spring Break!

Go to Disneyland

If you’ve got a family with little ones to think about (or maybe just a big fan of Disney yourself,) Disneyland is a main attraction in the Orange County, California area and it never disappoints! With happy faces like Minnie and Mickey around every corner, you won’t even be tempted to check your laptop!

Splash at the Beach

It’s California! There’s no way you can ignore the beautiful beaches that are always open to you at no cost! Whether you take a long romantic trip to Huntington City Beach or build-up that beautiful tan at Laguna Beach, a fun day in the sun will do your body and mind some good!

Play in Adventure City

If Disney is too crowded for your liking or you’ve got some older kids that are looking for more grown-up fun, then playing in Adventure City might just be the dare-devil rides they’re looking for. With its own set of thrilling-inducing roller coasters and carnival food for your liking, it's sure to satisfy all ages!

Explore Orange County Zoo

Coming alive in the midst of Irvine Regional Park sits the Orange County Zoo and it's an experience that will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated! Whether you take the kids to see the animals or you take a leisurely stroll through its abundant greenery, this zoo will definitely leave its mark on you!

Go on a Balloon Ride

Located in Irvine’s Great Park is another fun activity that asks nothing of your wallet - a hot air balloon ride! Taking you 400 feet up into the air, this balloon ride will get your heart pounding but also melting once you look down and see the jaw-dropping views just below you!

Have fun at the Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters

If you find your mind needing more of an artistic focused stimulation, then the Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters will be something right up your alley! Hosted for eight weeks each summer during July and August at Laguna Beach, this festival provides artistic exploration like plays, exhibitions, and more!

Head to the Park

While we’ve mentioned a few already, it doesn’t hurt to mention again that Orange County is home to truly beautiful parks that can easily put your mind and body at ease. Consider taking a walk around parks such as Doheny State Park or Laguna Coast Wilderness Park or even ​​Crystal Cove State Park - all promising breathtaking views!

Shop at The Outlets at Orange

If shopping is the thing that gets your heart racing and your mind happy then you’ll want to take some time out to shop at The Outlets at Orange. With over 115 stores and brands in this beautiful outlet, you’ll not only get a refreshed wardrobe but can also snack and do some Cali people-watching!

Take in the Bowers Museum

If the Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters doesn’t fill your artistic cup, the Bowers Museum certainly will! Boasting over 2,000 19th and 20th-century paintings as well as roughly 12,000 historic decorative art objects, this museum is a quiet reprieve from the busy world. It also offers book club meetings, pop-up exhibitions, and performances!

Experience Tanaka Farms

Want to experience the old Californian vibes? Then Tanaka Farms is sure to give you the nostalgia you’re looking for. Although this farm is a hot spot during holidays, off-seasons still offer the kids long wagon rides as well as things like strawberry picking!

While these are some of our favorite things to do, we encourage you to do your own search as well! Orange County is no stranger to fun and for your business break, we want to make sure you have some fun!

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