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10 Tech Gadgets for Holiday Gift Giving

The holiday season is here, and like most people, you’re probably out and about as you tackle checking off your holiday gift list.

However, if you have a tech lover on your hand, you may be scratching your head at exactly what to get. After all, what may be a marvel to you, maybe so 2018 to them.

So how do you know what tech gift will really put a smile on their face? With daily TikTok videos touting the latest tech, you may feel compelled to search the never-ending scroll that is social media. But luckily you don’t have to. We’ve wrangled up the top 10 tech gadgets for holiday gift-giving right here.

With new tech that any tech lover will appreciate, this will be the only place you have to scroll through.

1.Meta Quest 2

Nothing says high-tech like the Meta Quest 2. This immersive all-in-one VR headset can transform any user into a new setting. With thrilling games, peaceful workouts, and adrenaline-pumping challenges, Meta Quest 2 is not only safe and easy to use, but it allows your tech lover the chance to step into the future.

Retail: $399

2. Headphones

Whether your tech lover is team Android or iPhone, headphones are a necessity. Now, depending on their style, they may want something big and fashionable, like that of Bose’s noise-canceling headphones. Or, if they’re a fan of subtlety, then Apple’s AirPods Pro or Android’s Galaxy Buds Live will be just the thing to keep them happy, and connected to their music, streaming, videos, or talking to you!

Bose Retail: $329

Apples Airpods Pro Retail: From $129

Androids Galaxy Buds Live Retail: $109.99

3. Smart Watch

No headphone is ever complete without its smartwatch set! Smart watches can be found on almost any tech lover these days. With its ability to keep anyone connected to their phone without having to hold it in their hands, it's an easy way to be fashionable and gain access to other tech favorites! Again, your choices come down to Android or iPhone on this one!

Android Smartwatch Retail: $99

Apple Smartwatch Retail: From $129

4. Go Pro

Are you shopping for someone who loves tech and maybe loves capturing moments too? The Go Pro might be just the thing you’re looking for, then! With the ability to capture high-quality photos and videos even underwater, the Go Pro has become a favorite amongst tech lovers, artists, and anyone looking to make the most of every moment.

Go Pro Retail: $599.95

5. Floor-Cleaning Dynamo (Shark)

Is your special someone the perfect mix of tech lover meets clean fanatic? Then stop the search because the floor-cleaning dynamo will be just the thing to put a smile on their face. This AI-powered robot not only self-cleans your floors, but it self-cleans itself! It’s truly a hands-off way to keep the house clean and you happy.

Floor-Cleaning Dynamo Retail: $475

6. Ember Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

Shopping for someone whose often glued to their computer? It’s no surprise! With work-from-home shifts, it can be hard to pull yourself away. It can be even worse, though, when you realize your coffee’s gone cold for the 5th time today. That’s why this ember temperature-controlled smart mug is perfect for the tech lover who survives on their cup of joe but never remembers to drink it in time! Its rechargeable battery-powered heater will help keep the cup of coffee warm all day.

Ember Temperature-Controlled Smart Mug Retail: $99.95

7. Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam

A tech lover who loves the outdoors can be hard to find! Encourage the rarity in your special someone while keeping their love for the outdoors and their tech alive with the Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam. This cam is set up right in the bed of the birdfeeder so that no matter where you set it up, your tech lover can have a birds-eye-view of mother nature’s favorite flying animal.

Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam Retail: $244.49

8. Bluetooth Speaker

Whether shopping for a kid, teen, or adult, you can never go wrong with a quality bluetooth speaker! One like Bose, for example, gives the listener Positioniq Technology™ so they can be surrounded by the sounds of their favorite artists, the latest podcast, or whatever they may be listening to!

Bluetooth Speaker Retail: $149

9. Xebec Tri-Screen 2

Is your tech lover also an entrepreneur? Then chances are they’ve got about 50 tabs open on their laptop as they overwhelmingly try to switch back and forth between what they’re doing at any given moment. With the Xebec Tri-Screen 2, however, you’ll bring some optimization and efficiency to their life with the ability to add 2 screens to their existing laptop. This way, they can manage their tasks with more ease.

Xebec Tri-Screen 2 Retail: $499

10. Drone

If your tech lover is all about having fun, then you may want to get them to stop looking down and instead look up! With the DJI Mini 2 Quadcopter, your tech lover can not only step into the outdoors but have lots of fun scouring the skys.

Drone Retail: $449.99


What will it be?

From outdoor tech to tech that takes you into different worlds, we think we’ve covered the gamut of new technology that will have any tech lover jumping up and down. So now the choice is in your hands! You know your tech lover best. What will it be?

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