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5 Reasons Oracle NetSuite is WORTH IT for Your Small Business

There’s no denying that Oracle NetSuite could be considered a big investment for your business.

You know, like those investments that force you to chug down a glass of wine or call your mom up for some encouraging words before you hit the purchase button?

However, it’s worth mentioning that some investments, like Oracle NetSuite, are worth that scare. These are the investments that push your business forward and make your life easier by simplifying, automating and scaling one of the most important and time-consuming aspects of your life.

So if you’ve been eye-ing Oracle NetSuite for some time and have maybe even been talking through the decision with your mom or business bestie for a while, then we’re ready to give you some words of encouragement.

Get to know NetSuite and then read on to learn 5 reasons Oracle NetSuite is WORTH IT for your small business.

Better Financial Decisions

We’re going to start off by tackling one of the very reasons you may be on the fence about NetSuite: finances. Most business owners are scared about making financial decisions in their business because they don’t have the clarity over their business numbers that they need.

In turn, this makes investing more money on shaky money feel not only risky but an anxiety-inducing decision.

However, with NetSuite in your backpocket, the confusion over your numbers can essentially disappear. Giving you a broad overview of what’s coming in and what’s going out, NetSuite provides business owners with clarity so that they know their financial standing and can make better financial decisions.

Faster Workers

If you’ve ever been inundated by messages from workers asking questions about processes or about what’s holding up another department, then NetSuite is ready to step in.

With capabilities that allow department heads to communicate with each other and see where certain processes are in their workflows, NetSuite enables your employees to work faster by providing them with the information they need before they even need it.

Additionally, with some processes that have the capability of being automated, NetSuite can completely take some tasks off the plates of your workers! This gives them more time and energy to focus on things that are moving your business forward.

Accurate Reporting

During busy holidays or exciting events, things can move fast in your warehouse! However, while this can be good for business, it can also make your business prone to mistakes. Errors in reporting accurate availability of items could cause tough situations with customers that could damage the reputation of your business.

With NetSuite, inventory reporting is no longer by hand! It’s automated and managed continually. This not only helps accurate reporting in your system so your workers can make better decisions but it can also give inventory directors warning on low stocks or market trends that may call for a higher inventory!

Altogether, this keeps the process fast, easy, and simple not just for you but for your customers.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

You may already have a CRM for your business but with NetSuite’s CRM, you treat yourself, suppliers, and your customers to a VIP experience.

Under NetSuite’s CRM, NetSuite will also compile tracking of each customer's preferences as well as any notable experiences they may have had so that any team member who enters the file can have the information they need to give the best hands-on service.

You can also give your sales team a central place to track and monitor their sales performances so that you can ensure that your team is always operating at its best and moving towards a goal even better.


The final reason we believe that Oracle NetSuite is absolutely worth it for your business is the space it gives your business to scale!

NetSuite is a cloud ERP system that is known for its adaptability and because of this, it means there are no limits for your business. As you make new business decisions that bring on new products, employees, or more, there’s no need to get a new platform. You’re able to stick with NetSuite because it’s always ready to grow with you.

Not to mention that with integration platforms like Celigo, you’re able to bring outside applications and really make NetSuite go the extra mile for your business!

Treat yourself to Oracle NetSuite!

We’ve given you the rundown on why Oracle NetSuite is worth it for your business and now it’s up to you to take the dive!

Investing in Oracle NetSuite can not only provide you with clarity over the most complicated analytics but it can put time back on your plate and the plates of your workers by automating their most time-consuming tasks.

It’s the ERP platform built to help your unique small business soar and we can’t wait to see all you do with it.

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