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6 Family Friendly Activities For The Summer

School is out and we are in the throes of summer. The first few weeks of schedule-free vacation are blissful until you hear the familiar phrase, “I’m BORED!”. Fortunately, with a little planning, there are plenty of activities and adventures waiting for you. Check out these six ways to beat boredom this summer.


Picture yourself floating down the lazy river, beverage of choice in hand, relaxing on a hot day. Hang out in the wave pool or maybe water slides with a big drop catch your interest. If you don’t have access to a waterpark, many cities across the US have splash pads. Check your local city website to find the locations, some splash pads are free to residents.

The best part about visiting a waterpark is that your children will be absolutely exhausted by the time you get home, if they can even stay awake before you leave the parking lot.

National Park Or Nature Center

Exploring a park, learning about wildlife, and hiking through nature is a great way to encourage a love of the outdoors. Nature centers offer guided sessions like tracking animals or using a compass, indoor/outdoor play areas, live animal observation, and maybe some fossils or geodes.

Museum or Library

Visiting a nice air-conditioned museum is a great way to beat the summer heat and to keep little minds active. Certain states including Connecticut offer free museum entry for all children all summer, while other counties or cities offer specific days for free or discounted kids tickets.

A trip to the library is also an excellent idea. Not only can you check out books to read at home, but often there are library-run activities such art classes, reading with special guests, and other exciting educational opportunities.

Water Toys

There are plenty of ways to have fun in your own yard, even if you don’t have a pool. Sprinklers, splash pads, and individual pools are just the beginning. If you have the space, slip-n-slides, water tunnels, and inflatable waterslides will keep you and your kids entertained at home all summer long.


There are so many activities to do at home this summer, you won’t ever be bored. Try making popsicles out of different fruits, tie-dye shirts, or even conduct a science experiment like making a volcano or a big bowl of slime. Make use of the supplies you have at home, or take a trip down to your local craft store to get some ideas.

Take A Trip

Whether you’re going camping, renting an RV, or staying in a traditional hotel, a family trip is a wonderful way to spend time together while seeing different parts of the country. If you’re planning to go overseas, remember that portions of Europe are shut down in the months of July and August. You’ll still get a great experience, but some points of interest and restaurants may be closed.

No matter where you go or what you do, summer is a great time to cash out some of those vacation days and spend some quality time with your family.

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