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60-Day Personal Productivity Challenge

The world may be spinning faster than usual, but it always helps to find better ways to manage your time and make your days more productive.

And in this era of self-care, working smarter, not harder, is a great way to maximize your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

So if you’ve been feeling overworked, overwhelmed, or just want to try something new when it comes to making the most out of your days - then we’ve got something for you!

This simple but effective productivity challenge will help you refresh your mind and get you ticking off your to-do list with invigorating energy!

First 10 Days

The first 10 days of your challenge will be geared towards resetting the way your days work now. So take these next few days to gain some clarity and intention!

  1. Create a time audit of your day

Track what tasks and how much time your daily routine takes to better learn to optimize your time.

  1. Write down any short-term goals, future goals, dreams, and priorities

What has been on your mind lately to get done, but business just keeps getting in the way of?

  1. Create an ideal timeline of your days

What do you feel like you just never have time for in your days? Cleaning the house? Checking in with friends and family? Add a time slot for that here!


9am-10am: Clean House

10am-4pm: Work

4pm-5pm: Decompress


*Make sure to incorporate your time audits as you better gauge how you operate!

Once you have clarity on how your days should look (maybe around day 5,) then it’s time to start incorporating some changes that can help you hit that ideal timeline:

  1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you normally do

You can use this for meditation, showering, starting a load of laundry, or grabbing that coffee cup - it’s yours to help you start your day with a little head start.

  1. Turn your phone on Do Not Disturb

Social media scrolls halt the productivity train! So let’s make the habit of turning your phone on DND while you’re in work mode.

  1. Need to have it on? Consider downloading an app like Social Fever that restricts the apps you can use or how long you can use it.

  2. Spend the last half hour of the day planning for your next day

This is important for both work and personal! Before you close the laptop, make a list of what HAS to get done tomorrow. And the same for your personal life too!

Believe it or not, you’ve already stepped your productivity game way up! Ready to step into your next 20 days?

Next 20 Days

Now, the next 20 days of this productivity challenge are focused on making sure you’re taking care of your body just as much as your duties!

Keep in mind, however, that as you move into these next few challenges, we still want you to continue implementing the practices of your first 10 days!

If you’re enjoying the extra 15 minutes - bump it up to 30. If you’re finding it difficult to hit your ideal timelines, figure out what in your day you can tweak to cut down on your time spent doing things you don’t want to be doing.

Then, challenge yourself to do this:

  1. Drink your recommended intake of water every day!

Maybe get this done while you’re enjoying that extra 15 minutes in the morning?

  1. Incorporate 1 healthy meal (minimum)

Whether this is at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, make it a point to rack up on your daily nutrients at some point throughout the day!

  1. Do 30 mins of exercise.

Remember that exercise doesn’t have to be in a gym! Swap out your work chair for a bounce ball, or do a few laps around the house after lunch!

  1. Get some fresh air for 20 minutes.

Staring at your screen is not going to get your creativity flowing. Nor is it good for your mental health! If you’re staring at a screen or stuck inside the house all day, incorporate a 20min walk outside every day. It’ll do wonders for your energy!

  1. Aim for 8 hours of sleep.

Some days this won’t always be possible, and that’s ok! As long as you try to aim for it, you’ll be giving your body the best shot at recuperating and being ready for the next day! Note: this may require a readjustment in your ideal timeline.

Feeling productive yet? If so, you’re gonna love how you kick off your next 30 days and officially end this self-imposed 60 day challenge!

Next 30 Days

The last 30 days are all about nurturing your mental health. Because it’s only when your mind is strong, sharp, and nurtured that you’re better able to efficiently and sustainably tackle that ever-growing to-do list!

Just like before, as you move into these next 30 days, you’re still expected to incorporate everything you’ve done so far!

So keep those goals in mind, ensure that your day-to-day activities are helping you move towards tackling it, and give your body all it needs to accomplish that.

Then, when you’re ready, step into your final challenge:

  1. Meditate for 10 minutes (morning, noon, and night)

Keeping your mental health high is all about tapping into your needs. So by checking in with yourself throughout the day, you’ll ensure that you’re giving yourself what you need to stay productive.

  1. Social media free day (once a week)

Social media can be draining on so many different parts of your wellbeing. Incoporating one day away from all the noise will do you good! Just be sure to schedule out those social media posts!

  1. Conduct a self-review

Review how you’ve done over these last 60 days. What worked well? What didn’t? What have you not accomplished or gotten closer to accomplishing? How can you change that for the next 60 days?

  1. Hug anyone that supports you

Your support system will be a major part in your productivity so as you come towards the end of these 60 days, make sure to show some love to anyone whose helped you prioritize your needs!

  1. Reward Yourself

You’ve reached the end of the 60-day productivity challenge! Give yourself some love by rewarding yourself. An extra self-care day, new outfit, etc. You deserve it!

With the busyness of a business and personal duties, staying productive will always have its challenges, but we hope that this personal productivity challenge has helped you get over the hurdle!

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