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Accomplishing goals: how to work together as a team

Running a business admittedly comes with its own challenges. Not just in the big picture goals of a CEO but also in managing your employees and making sure that they’re working together to the best of their abilities.

If you have an upcoming project that you’re hoping to assign to your employees, it’s important that you not only set the right example but that you also give them the best possible chance for success.

In this blog, we’re discussing how you can accomplish goals within your business by helping your employees work together as a team by having a clearly outlined blueprint for success.

Outline your goal

With any goal or project, you’ll first want to start off by outlining a goal. What is it that you want to accomplish by the end of the project? Once you know the answer to this, it’s important to make sure that your team understands it too!

While you can speak to them individually or send a mass email, we suggest having a team meeting and explaining it to them together at once. In this meeting, you should not only let them know the goal but also let them know WHY accomplishing this goal matters to your business. As invested parties, giving them the WHY behind their goal will help them give meaning to the project and subsequently give them more understanding and drive towards getting it accomplished.

Having a meeting all together will also help you make sure that everyone is on the same page from the getgo of the project and give them a chance to get out any questions should they have it.

Have a plan of attack

The next steps after outlining your goal and bringing your team up to speed would be to have a plan of attack. You should create concrete actionable steps that show what tasks will take your team from where they are today to the discussed goal.

In addition to showing your team these actionable steps in the meeting, you’ll also want to have clearly outlined roles for each person as well as any point-of-contacts they should be aware of in the event that you want to remove yourself as the head person of the project.

Clear the way for good communication

As mentioned in the first step, you’ll want to make sure all answers are addressed within the meeting and that’s because you want to clear the way for good communication from the start.

Doing this also means that you have to set the example of being understanding and patient. Answer questions as many times as necessary to make sure everyone is on the same page so that you can avoid any confusion later on down the road.

Additionally, if there is a point-of-contact that employees will be going to other than you, make sure that person is also aware that communication needs to remain open and encouraged throughout the entire process.

It’s vital that you make open lines of communication known with your entire team so that they know what to do should any part of your plan veer off course or any mistakes occur. Keeping these lines open also encourages your team to speak up should they have better ideas on making things work! Remember that every team member is bringing a unique perspective to the table so you’ll always want to give them the chance to be heard.

Believe in teamwork

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! That’s why showing your employees that you believe in teamwork will help them believe it in and work towards it.

By setting the right example of clear goals, you're giving your employees something to work towards. By having a plan of attack that highlights everyone’s strengths, you’re showing them that by working together, big things can be accomplished! And by clearing the way for communication, you’re cultivating an environment where everyone feels heard and understood so that they’re confident in their work and more encouraged to put out their best work.

So as you start your next project or set your team out on their next project, make sure to prioritize teamwork and the culture around it! Your employees are one of the biggest driving forces behind your business and by showing them what they can do together, you’ll be taking your business to unimaginable heights!

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