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Business Motivation Throughout The Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

It’s officially the holiday season and for entrepreneurs, it could be a challenging time!

Instinctively, it’s a wonderful time for business! With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales along with the Christmas shopping spree and New Year hopeful shoppers, it gives us a wondrous opportunity to jump ahead on revenue and set ourselves up to start the new year out with a bang but there’s a GIANT problem.

Sometimes our energy doesn’t match up with all this excitement.

Especially if our homes are full! With kids off from school, and family and friends who are off from work and home for the holidays ready to spend some quality time together - it could be just the thing to demotivate us from jumping into work mode.

So what do you do if you want to make the most of this time of year for your business but are also ready to put on your Christmas onesies, close the laptop, make some festive cookies and jam out to some Mariah Carey? Read below to find out our tips on how to handle business motivation throughout the holiday season!

Plan Ahead

Our number one tip to help you stay motivated in your business throughout the holiday seasons is to plan ahead. Having no set plan in place is the easiest way to demotivate you from working through the holidays because it causes nothing but frustration!

Having to create last-minute content, setup strategies, logistics, and marketing on the spot is no fun during the regular months so let’s not pretend it’s going to be any more fun when we know there’s so much going on behind the screens of our computers!

By planning ahead, you’ll be able to anticipate your schedule and hours much more so that you can make sure you have time set aside to join in all the fun festivities without missing out on anything important when it comes to work!

Planning ahead can also help your team stay on track by knowing what needs to get done without having to send you a million texts while you’re trying to be present with your loved ones.

Trust us, planning ahead will save you more time in the long run!

Automate What You Can

If you know anything about us, you know that we’re BIG fans of automation!

Why take your time doing things manually when they can happen on their own? This is especially true throughout the holidays!

Having to stop every two minutes to send out an invoice, make a post, make sure something ships or send an email is not going to keep you motivated to run your business throughout the holidays. If anything, it’s going to make you resent it! Small things like this take up time - and we both can agree that during the holidays, your time is better spent elsewhere.

So after you finish planning, make sure to take some time to automate what you can so that you can take it off your radar and enjoy that turkey or wrap up those presents in peace!

If you’re extra antsy, assign someone on your team to check out on it once a week so that they can give you the all clear that things are running how they should be.

Give Yourself Grace

The best laid plans, are we right? The last thing we want to suggest when it comes to keeping your business motivation up during the holiday season is giving yourself grace to mess up every now and then.

The holidays are busy and chaotic! Not everything will go perfect (if they do - great!) and you need to give yourself permission to accept that. Plan out as much as you can, automate what you can and delegate what you can’t but know that it’s ok if you don’t secure every sale or put out perfection at every turn. As long as you and your team are doing their best - you can’t ask for anything more.

By planning ahead, automating what you can and giving yourself grace to make a misstep here or there, you’re sure to keep your motivation high as we enter into this busy holiday season! Knowing that you’ve done all that you can while still enjoying the freedom to be with your family will remind you exactly why you decided to become your own boss and make it feel like a gift to yourself that you very much deserve.

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