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Choosing the Right ERP For You

Recently we made a post on ERPs and all the big mistakes we often see companies making when they try to DIY the implementation of them (you can check that post out here.) However, one of the biggest mistakes we detailed companies making was not having clarity on whether or not an ERP was right for them to begin with.

Here at Ekwani, one of the many ways we help our amazing clients is by implementing ERPs effectively for them so that they may achieve the streamlined efficiency they’re looking for in their business; but oftentimes when we ask a company why they chose a specific ERP, they may not always have a clear answer.

Sometimes it’s because of how popular the ERP is, sometimes it’s because of good things they heard from a colleague, sometimes it’s because they got a pitch from the company and decided to go with it, etc.

While we understand the allure and pressures of these reasons, these are not always good reasons to base decisions on when it comes to choosing the right ERP for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

Why? Because while popular ERPs are great, they may not always be the right choice for your business. They may offer too much that causes you to pay for things you’d never use. ERPs used by your colleagues may also be great but they may serve different needs than what your unique business is looking for which would cause you to only regret the decision should the ERP not have functions that you need. Pitches from companies are also great as they give you insight into what’s out there but only you know the unique complexities of your business and the goals that you have and if that ERP fits into that vision.

And it’s because of this why getting clarity on what you want for your business is so important.

If you’re actively searching for ERPs and trying to find what’s right for you, read on to keep some things in mind as you search so that you can get a crystal clear idea of what you’ll need.

Consider Why You’re Ready For An ERP

What are the goals for your business? This is the question that you need to answer long before you decide to sign on for any ERP system. Where is your company now and where do you want to see if 5 years from now? How about 10?

What are some ways you envision your business running? What type of client/customer experience do you want to provide? What are some things you wish your business had the capability to do? These goals are all things you should keep in mind as you shop for ERPs so that you can know if the system not only has the capability to meet your demands now but that it also has to meet your demands as your business grows (ideally, it’ll be a big reason for the growth!)

Consider What’s Not Working In Your Business Right Now

What are some things going wrong in your business right now? Go speak to your department heads and get a great vision on the things that are holding them back from doing their job effectively.

What are some human-prone errors that are happening a lot? What are some things that you get frustrated at? Write down a list of things that are holding your business back so that when you’re looking at ERPs or speaking to representatives, you can ask them how those systems can step into helping that.

Keep A CEO Mind

Finding the right ERP for you is all about knowing your business intimately. Understanding its struggles today but also knowing its dreams for tomorrow. These are things you need to take with you as you shop around for ERPs so that you know what features you’re ok with sacrificing as well as features that are simply non-negotiable.

Need help deciding on the right ERP for you? Contact Ekwani Consulting today - we’d love to take a look at your needs and help you gain clarity.

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