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Does your business carry wholesome messaging?

Do you position wholesome messaging in your business?

As a business that is proud of our position as a corporation that gives back to our community, we love working with brands that are also working on ways to uplift those around them.

Rare Beauty, a makeup company run by Selena Gomez and one of our absolute favorite clients, has always positioned the betterment of their community within their messaging by advocating for mental health as well as creating vegan & cruelty-free makeup, and it's an element of their business that we think so many more businesses can incorporate into their own missions for a few reasons…

Lead with your heart

One of the main reasons we think it's great to lead your business with wholesome messaging is because it gives you a greater chance of being able to pour what you love and who you are into the front-facing part of your business.

By sharing things that are important to you and being a bit more vulnerable in your messaging, you’re able to drop the facade of a sharp, cold and transactional business. By showing that you’re advocating for rights, standing up for marginalized people, or even acting as an ambassador for important messaging, your customers will have an opportunity to learn a bit more about you!

Connect with your audience

And it's only natural that as your audience learns more about you, they learn to connect with you more too! And as a good business owner knows, people now-a-days don’t connect with brands just because of a good product or service anymore. They connect with them because they see themselves in the messaging.

So by utilizing wholesome messaging you’re able to position your business to connect with an audience more and essentially make them feel a bit safer and more proud to shop with you. Customers nowadays would love to know that their purchases mean something and your messaging helps them feel that way.

Grow Awareness

Whether you’re a small business owner or a bigger corporation, putting wholesome messaging in your business content does not only allow you to be more yourself in your business and connect with your customers on a deeper level but it also allows you to grow awareness for important causes.

While some people often are left feeling unheard in their push for important topics within the world, utilizing the bigger platform of your business gives you a chance to spread messages on a bigger scale and grow awareness about causes that are close to your heart.

For example, with Rare Beauty shining a light on mental health and cruelty-free production, not only are they able to raise money for campaigns and organizations that are doing even bigger work in those areas but they’re also piquing the curiosity of customers who may have not thought about issues like that before. By sharing messages on those topics on their website, they’re promoting their customers to do their own research and educate themselves more on topics that are affecting those around them!

We think it's a win-win all around!

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