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Don’t Hit Snooze! Why Waking Up Early In The Summer Will Pay Off For Your Goals!

With school out and your to-do list shortened, there’s more than a few reasons why you may be more tempted than usual to slam that snooze button this summer.

But as a business owner, you know more than most why the least hectic times might be the most productive. Which is why we want to share with you some reasons not to hit the snooze button and instead, take the initiative to wake up early!

And while we are not saying you’ve got to be up before the sun, we are saying that there are some great ways that waking up early can directly correlate to accomplishing your goals. Read on to find out more about them!

Time for YOU

One of the best reasons to wake up early is because you get some time that’s just for YOU. Time before the family wakes up and before the world starts turning.

And whether you use this time to pack in some exercise, read a book, meditate, make a heartfelt breakfast or all of the above, the best thing about it is that it’s time for YOU and not for anyone else.

Not only does packing in time for yourself reduce stress and helps give you space to pour into yourself (which can lead to better moods) but it also leads to something else that’s pretty essential…

Boost your mental health!

Giving time to yourself and simply by waking up early has been proven to boost your mental health!

In this 2010 study, researchers found that early morning risers had better overall brain function. They were more positive, were able to focus better and accomplished their goals with more determination. But it’s important to note that it’s not a miracle that this happens.

It’s happening because you’re getting better sleep!

And although you may think that by waking up early, you’re missing out on sleep, it really depends on how you setup your day. Most early morning risers tend to go to sleep earlier and if you make sure to go to sleep at a decent time (10 or 11pm,) you can then get your full suggested time of sleep and not only find it easier to wake up earlier but even start looking forward to it. It’s all about balance!

Increased efficiency

Aside from making time for yourself, increased efficiency is probably another of our favorite reasons for waking up early.

Here’s why: when you wake up early and make space for yourself, you’re also making space for everything else in your day. By making time to exercise, eat or center yourself, you’re making sure your body has everything it needs to be the best possible you, you can be which allows you to make better decisions for you and your business.

And that makes for some incredible possibilities!

But if you’re looking to make even more out of your early mornings, we’ve got one more tip for you!

Every morning before your time to yourself comes to an end, take a moment to look ahead at your day. What goals do you have? Big picture and small. And from there, ask yourself what you can do today to make either of those come true. What small steps can you take to get to the big picture? What other things on your plate MUST be accomplished today and finally, how does that all culminate?

By writing those out every morning at the end of your “you-time” when you’re fresh and energized, you’ll be setting yourself up for productive success!

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