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Ekwani - Who Are We?

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Here at Ekwani, we have a special way of doing things. Instead of leading with a business first mentality, we operate off of a customer first priority.

We do this because we’ve always known that Ekwani Consulting would be a movement. A different way to show how businesses could operate. We set out to build a company of purpose that would allow us to leverage the professional skills and network we’ve been able to develop over the years and we believe we’ve done exactly that while also elevating the companies we help and the change they’re trying to make.

We achieve this by empowering and connecting with our customers to continuously deliver value throughout the various services we provide to help the sustainability of their business. Because as a collective, we believe the greater purpose of helping our communities to grow is realized by using what we know to do what we do best.

But that’s not the only way we separate ourselves from the norm!

The difference of Ekwani has been embedded not just through our business operations and how we work with our clients but it goes right down to our very name. The word ekwani (e-kwaan-ee) is a play on the word equanimity which means: mental calmness, composure, and evenness. Which is what we see as the standout feature provided by our team!

When you work with us, we bring the required balance and deep focus it takes to develop and deploy innovative business solutions to solve some of your most complex problems in business. Read on below to learn more about all the ways we can help your business!

What We Do

When it comes to running your business efficiently and sustainably, you need as many hands on deck as you can get and that’s where our team comes in. With Ekwani, you can expect services like:

Program Management Services

We bring a wealth of experience in implementing some of the most complex business software solutions running at some of the largest enterprises down to the most exciting revolutionary startup companies. Have an existing project that needs to be brought back on track? We bring clarity and visibility back.

Business Technology Services

Many of our clients rely on us for expert advice when reviewing the technology that runs their business. We help by showing you how to leverage more of the technology you've already invested in. Oftentimes these services begin with a traditional technology assessment designed to gather a current state view or "lay of the land" as it is currently implemented in your business. Oftentimes opportunities are uncovered that have a potential to dramatically increase productivity sometimes by a simple configuration tweak or an add-on you're already paying for but just hadn't known about. These types of optimizations are niche areas we can help you uncover.

Netsuite Implementation Services

Our team of highly skilled and experienced NetSuite implementers bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven methodology to take on any size NetSuite implementation. We will partner with you to successfully deliver a NetSuite based solution that is optimized given the current state of your business.

Support Services For Netsuite

Whether we've done your implementation, or another partner has our support services for NetSuite can help provide you with the ongoing expertise needed to keep your system running smoothly. Our approach to support services is consultative where we become your trusted partner not only to resolve break fix issues, but also lean on for advisory help when that added expertise is required to ensure a proposed change has been thoroughly vetted so that the integrity of your solution remains intact.

Integration Services

Sitting at the core of your ERP system is NetSuite and oftentimes NetSuite solutions must leverage add-on or integrated solutions necessary to fill a gap. Selecting the right add-on solution can be a challenge. Our core team brings the experience needed to ensure you're only working with the best of the NetSuite partner solution ecosystem which are proven based on our experience in your industry.

Interested in working with us?

We’d love to chat with you! We’ve worked with notable companies such as: Tatcha, Red Media Machine, Red Digital Cinema, MID America Pet Food, Rare Beauty and so much more! If you’re business falls into the following industries, Ekwani is ready and excited to help propel your business forward:

  • Health and Beauty

  • E-commerce

  • Manufacturing

  • High Technology Engineering

  • Retail and Apparel

  • ​Real Estate

  • Professional Services

Get in touch with us here!

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