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Elevate Your NetSuite Experience Using Celigo Integrations

With the recent NetSuite 2022 Release showing you all the ways it can elevate your NetSuite experience, we thought now would be a perfect time to remind you of another way to accomplish that through Celigo!

Celigo has become the user-friendly leader in NetSuite Integrations. With a broad approach in integrating NetSuite’s powerful platform with other non-negotiable platforms your business depends on, Celigo truly amplifies your NetSuite experience.

Want to know all the ways it accomplishes this? Read on!

Streamlining your experience

Like NetSuite, Celigo’s priority is making your business more efficient and effective in its day-to-day operations. To do this, Celigo works to streamline the experience for your employees by finding practical business solutions.


Utilizing IPaaS for Software companies, Celigo allows your workforce to significantly reduce human errors by automating data entry and many of your old-school functions. It’s by providing visibility across your front and back end offices that Celigo gives your business the opportunity to produce accurate information when needed and to whomever needs it.


Does your ecommerce store require you to interact with multiple platforms from the moment a sale comes through? When using Celigo’s Bundles (which we’ll discuss more soon,) this domino effect is merely a blip on your radar. Celigo’s integration bundles can kick start your integrations so that things are moving along quicker than ever!


When NetSuite is integrated with Celigo, processing transactions through your bank is no longer a headache. Using Celigo’s platform, you could automate transactions, generate receipts and/or make payments. A feature that is not only a time-saver but has shown to be a revenue booster.

Prebuilt Integration App & Quickstart Templates

If we’re being honest, most of us aren’t all that “techy,” right? We’d all like things to be up and running before it gets to us and not necessarily an Ikea project that we have to set up. Thankfully, Celigo understands this!

With prebuilt integration apps and quickstart templates that are fully managed, Celigo has made connecting your must-have platforms to NetSuite a breeze!

If you’re not aware, the prebuilt integrations are fast and easy setups that “are supported and maintained as standalone SaaS applications with automatic and continuous upgrades.” The quickstart templates “are packages of integration flows for that can be installed, configured, modified, duplicated, or deleted.”

And because Celigo is always 3 steps ahead of the game, most applications or platforms your industry uses, may already have a prebuilt integration. Take a look at some apps available now on Celigo:

  • Sales Force w/ NetSuite

  • Shopify w/ NetSuite

  • Amazon w/ NetSuite

  • Zendesk w/ NetSuite

  • Walmart w/ NetSuite

  • Ebay w/ NetSuite

  • Square w/ NetSuite

  • Magneto w/ NetSuite

  • Zoho w/ NetSuite

  • Quickbooks w/ NetSuite

Remember, that’s only some! Click here to check out all the different application integrations available on Celigo.

Make the most of NetSuite!

Can we share something with you? NetSuite doesn’t pretend to hold all of the answers to your business because it understands that just the way you might be the core to your company, you’re nothing without your best workers!

Utilizing Celigo with your NetSuite platform operates in much the same way. While NetSuite help gives your business the necessary foundation it needs to soar, Celigo is the software that ensures you’ve taken flight.

Feeling overwhelmed by the integration process? Good news - you don’t have to do it alone! With Ekwani’s Integration Services, we can ensure you get the job done accurately and efficiently!

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