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ERP Fundamental

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

NetSuite provides your business with an ample amount of both products and support so that you have everything you need to run your business as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. This is evident when taking the ERP Fundamental course! Within the course, you are able to examine vital implementation steps so that you’re not only optimizing your use of NetSuite for your business needs, but so you also understand the ins and outs of the software so that it can grow with your business.

With the amount of information jam-packed into this course, you’ll feel as though you’re being taught by the NetSuite creator himself! The course provides you with an omniscient overview of all NetSuite capabilities before you dive head first into learning the current leading practices or the many different types of tasks you could do. Towards the end, you’ll also learn about user adoption strategies and “best practices and techniques for ensuring the ongoing optimal use of your NetSuite system”.

Here’s the main things covered in the course!

  • Confirm how to adopt company-wide configuration settings and user-level preferences.

By establishing company-wide configuration settings, you make sure that nothing is done other than according to your company practices! When settings are correctly set and locked by key administrators such as yourself, the option to change them grays out and is no longer available to those without access. With this tutorial you’ll also be able to learn more on setting company-wide preferences with formatting as well as user-level preferences.

  • Identify features and business processes built into the application.

With features meant to ease many of your day-to-day tasks, the ERP fundamentals course helps you learn and identify the different features and business processes within NetSuite so that you can implement it into your business. This could include things such as it’s CRM or robust financial tools.

  • Identify specific business challenges and corresponding NetSuite solutions and processes.

While you may have started your business doing something you loved, it’s quickly evolved to needing you to do much much more! And if that’s not your zone of genius, don’t worry too much! Another great feature of NetSuite (and a great walk through in the ERP fundamentals course) is how you can use the software to identify specific business and challenges. And because NetSuite doesn’t leave you hanging, you’ll get some great suggestions on solutions and processes that may be able to strengthen your business!

  • Perform key administrative and end-user tasks for specific workflows.

If you’re a fan of workflows, you’re going to love workflows in NetSuite! Throughout your company, you have certain users that will have access to certain things. A great thing about workflows in the software is that it allows you to decide whether the workflow you trigger is an “admin workflow” or regular. A regular workflow will activate with restricted permissions as previously specified by you. However, should you need a workflow triggered where an employee needs broader access to do specific tasks, admin workflows within NetSuite let you do just this. They give broader control only to do the task so that you can still get things automated while not having to give away the reins completely.

  • Monitor and measure business performance with analytics.

With your business growing, you need to be able to see what's working and what's not. You also need to see when things stop working. With NetSuite’s analytics, you’re able to pull reports as well as get an immediate update on how your business is running at all times. This is crucial in helping you stay on track and nipping any issues in the butt as soon as they crop.

With NetSuite dedicated to helping your business grow at all levels, the ERP fundamentals are a perfect place to start so that you can fully comprehend how to implement and utilize the software. In addition to what's above, you can leverage many additional tools and resources within NetSuite to extend account functionality.

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