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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

The season of Fall is officially around the corner, Summer is a far off memory of minimal, sweat-proof makeup but Fall is the season to play. With the promise of returning back to the office post-vacation (this is particularly rough), Halloween, or the Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving fashion shows where you hope to reappear as the elusive, stylish family member, it is imperative that we must list your fall makeup must-haves to always arrive in style in whichever climate you find yourself in.

Fresh Tube of Mascara

Did you know that you should change your mascara every 2 to 4 months after purchase. Because eye-area cosmetics generally have a shorter shelf life to avoid any ick factors (ie: bacteria, mold, yeast, styes) it’s best you bring out a new essential. If you don’t hear a popping noise when you pop out the wand it’s a tell-tale sound too much air has gotten into the tube and it’s either old or dried out. For the maximalist or minimalist you can opt for as dramatic and voluminous or understated and chic as you would like.

Cream Blendable Concealer

This is a staple that becomes even more essential with age and loads of hard work. From the college student, entrepreneurs, business owners, or mommy’s trying to freshen up from a sleepless night a concealer is essential for hiding any of those trouble spots when you’d like to brighten under your eye area and quickly blend in with your fingertips or a damp beautyblender.

Hydrating Lipstick or Lip Salve

For all the boss babes enduring cold weather, please do yourself a favor and purchase some lipstick. Look for any lip balms that contain natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, honey or castor oil. Avoid any with menthol, camphor or any types of alcohol as they can often provide immediate relief but later remove the outer layers of your skin leaving your lips more chapped and susceptible to environmental hazards.

Dramatic Lip Color

Now that we’ve mentioned to keep your lips moisturized, escalate the drama with a deep lip shade that will add to the drama of the weather change. Whether you are in a warmer climate or it’s very chilly outside, bring the chic with deep reds, browns, or black. A dramatic lip color gives you any excuse to immediately elevate any look!

Eyes, Cheeks and Lips Palette

Opt for neutral and universally flattering shades that will allow you to streamline your makeup routine whether it be in the morning or evening. Palette’s are especially a great go-to when you're on the run, it’s a dark fall morning, or evening and you don’t feel like fumbling around with a ton of products.

Pop of Color

From eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, lip color, highlighter, or glitter, definitely experiment with shades you wouldn’t normally try. Opt for pastels, metallics, mauve accents, graphic liners or dramatic smokey eyes that create an unexpected statement to freshen up your look.

Natural Looking Brows

Embrace your brow shape and give them some extra love this fall before the new year. Brush up your brows with a spoolie, plucking any unwanted hairs or filling in sparse spots with a brow pencil making sure to make soft-feathery strokes. Soap brows are also a coveted option for adding some fluff without looking to wild.

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