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Goal Setting for Q1 in 2022 And Beyond

It’s the new year and like many entrepreneurs, you probably have been thinking of new ways and strategies to help you expand your business since the beginning of 2021! Although some of those goals may not have been able to come to fruition for a myriad of reasons, the start of 2022 is a great reason to put it right back on your radar.

Take a look below for some great tips and ideas on ways you can help set goals for 2022 and stay on track to achieve them so you’re celebrating everything under the sun come December!

Plan Out What You Want To Achieve

The #1 reason many plans and new years resolutions fail to be successful is because of the lack of planning. Without a plan, you’ll have nothing to keep you on track nor while you have any concrete steps to work towards which can subsequently make you feel helpless or as though you’re moving without purpose. This in turn often leads to people ditching their goals and jumping to the next best promise of success.

But we don’t want that for you! We want you to achieve exactly what it is you want in 2022 so we want to encourage you to sit down and really plan out what it is you’d like to achieve. List out all the things you’d like to accomplish (whether for your business or your personal life) and then rank them in order of importance or priority. After that, break them down into short-term goals and long-term goals. What can you accomplish in quarter one and what will likely take ongoing work?

Once you have that outlined, make a plan. Give your short-term goal end dates for quarter one and list out every step you need to take in order to accomplish it (also assigning due dates). When it comes to long-term goals, break that goal up into shorter-term goals that will walk you through the steps that lead to the big picture (for instance if you have a long term goal of hitting six figures this year, give yourself the shorter-term goal of reaching X amount every quarter. Break that up even further by pinpointing what your business will offer/market the most in order to hit that goal). For long-term goals, it’ll be important to check in at the end of every quarter to make sure you’re still on track to hit the mark or if you need to do something to switch it up!

Balance Your Schedule

Once you’ve laid out your goals and the steps needed to accomplish them, it’s time to take a look at your schedule. How do the needs of your goals fit into the ongoing needs of your personal life? Where can you make space to help accomplish the goals you’ve laid out?

Take the proactive step of reaching out to your support system to find out how they can help you balance your schedule in order to accomplish your goals. If you need more personal time, reach out to friends or family members to see how they may be able to help you around the house or with childcare. If you need more business time, reach out to your existing team or work on building one that you can delegate to in order to help you create more space in your schedule to focus on other revenue-generating tasks.

Organize Accountability

Once you’ve made your goals and figured out how to work the steps towards those goals into your schedule, organizing your accountability will be the final step! And when it comes to accountability, the more hands-on you are the better! Keep yourself accountable by setting up alarms in your phone for certain times you should be working on things or when deadlines are approaching. Create vision boards that you have nearby so that you’re always motivated to keep pushing towards your goals as well.

Externally, ask for someone to check-in on you or work with you towards your goals! If it’s something personal such as eating better or living healthier, get a workout buddy who’ll make sure you’re up in the morning for a run or checking in with you at lunchtime that you’re choosing healthy choices. If it’s more business focus, join accountability groups or coworking sessions where things are preplanned to check-in and give updates and also encourage each other to keep pushing forward!

2022 has the potential for lots of great things and with some detailed planning, focused scheduling and organized accountability, we believe you’ll accomplish it all

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