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Helpful Tools To Use When Not Using NetSuite

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

For us, NetSuite is a hands-down winner but we understand that it may not be perfect for all business owners! Perhaps the cost of the software isn’t manageable for a current budget, it may provide more help than is necessary,’re just not a fan of NetSuite!

And that’s ok. Every business has to find what works best for them and here at Ekwani, it’s important to us to help you find that even if it isn’t NetSuite.

This is why we’ve put together a list of helpful tools you can use to run an efficient and sustainable business that isn’t NetSuite focused (however it’s important to note that these tools can be integrated with NetSuite should you change your mind.)

There are some great tools out there so read on to find out more!


If you’re looking for a more streamlined service when it comes to your marketing, commerce, sales, and IT, consider turning to SalesForce! As a top leader in the CRM industry, many people love SalesForce for its ease of user management, customer journey, and behind-the-scenes transparency for employees.


Recently acquired by SalesForce, Mulesoft is a great integration app should your business deal with many apps throughout your day to day. Mulesoft works similar to NetSuite in that, it can connect many of your systems to things like your amazon store, accounting software, CRM, and much more. Backed by big brands such as Coca-Cola and Netflix, it’s no wonder that MuleSoft has become a fan favorite.


This accounting app makes expenses much easier to track for business owners. Whether you have a CEO constantly traveling or many salespeople out on the road, this app allows people within your business to track expenses in real-time. With an app that allows you to scan any receipt, it automatically loads it into a database that logs all pertinent details for those who need to see it so that you can keep better track of ongoing expenses. For expenses made on credit cards or any other applicable business spending account, you can connect them directly so that the software automatically imports any applicable data.


Atlassian is a project management company that is also the maker of two of the biggest project management tools: Jira and Trello. Trello is an easy to use project management tool that is a fan favorite for creatives to make lists to track tasks, share them with team members, and create fun more detailed instructions. Jira on the other hand is much more complex! Offering workflows, project journeys as well as inventory tracking, Jira is a great tool to help keep track of many things going on within your business at any given time.


If you’re looking for some more help with finances, Workday is another great finance management tool. Providing assistance with spend management, analytics, reporting, and financial management like accounting, payables, receivables, and much more, Workday helps give you more confidence around the ingoing and outgoing money within your business.

All of the tools listed above have proven how helpful they can be when it comes to running an efficient business - do you have a tool that’s been essential to growing your business that isn’t listed here?

Remember, if you’re ever looking for a system that can do it all and integrate it all - consider taking a second look at NetSuite!

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