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9 Hobbies to Help you Kiss Stress Goodbye!

Life is so full of joy but that doesn’t mean it’s always smooth sailing. Moments are spent taking care of our children and laughing through play. But then a toy breaks or someone wants a turn and chaos ensues. You eat a delectable home cooked meal but then need to clean up and wash dishes. You got a raise at the office but are now flooded with increased demands and stressors.

Stress is a piece of day to day life. And while it’s not something that can be deleted from our lives as a whole, there are ways to manage and navigate it. How?

Choose a hobby to keep your mind active and distracted! Finding something you enjoy doing, and are possibly even good at, can help you lead a life with less stress and more fulfillment.


Get your body moving. It’s proven that movement builds stamina and boosts serotonin. Exercise not only delivers oxygen to your inner systems and builds a stronger physique, but also allows your body to work more efficiently through increased energy. Having more energy is motivation to tackle chores, wrangle the kids and finally execute those pesky tasks that have been lingering on your to-do list.

Finding a routine that you truly enjoy is key as it makes exercise feel like a hobby, not a chore. Haven’t discovered what works for you? Sample a kickboxing class or hit the yoga mat in downward dog until you find the type that speaks to your soul and alleviates that stress! Physical movement is known to reduce feelings associated with anxiety and depression.


Pick up a book, or tune into Audible, to escape for a bit. Don’t think you have time? Replace the 30 minutes you use to pointlessly scroll on your phone and dive into a good novel instead. Reading allows you to “zone” out for a bit and places all of your focus on thrilling characters and storylines, rather than the loads of laundry that are looming.


Cupcakes, anyone? While there are some people who just can’t stand baking, for others it can be relaxing and fulfilling. There’s nothing like combining a cup of this and a pinch of that to be able to pull a beautiful (and delicious) end product out of the oven. And although you may not want to, sharing your sweet treats with others can be the icing on the cake.


Being outside. Growing fruits and veggies. Creating a healthier version of yourself. That sounds superb to me!

Did you know that a Vitamin D deficiency sometimes presents itself as symptoms of anxiety? Spending time in your garden and soaking up some sunshine, all while growing fruitful products, can be a great way to kick those worries away. The vitamins you’ll get from your green beans or zucchini are good for you, too!


Nature is good for the soul and helps decrease stress levels. Taking a break to get outside and walk, whether in a neighborhood or on a trail, will get the mind focused on the beauty that surrounds us.

Walking is another way to boost serotonin and benefit the body physically. Invest in a fitness tracker! Set a daily goal of how many steps you are going to take and then crush it as you feel your stress melt away.


Repurposing furniture, beading or creating a needlepoint canvas can take the mind to a place of distraction for a bit. It’s a healthy escape that allows you to brush off stressful or anxious thoughts while placing your energy on a fun and enjoyable process. Not everyone has creative blood running through their veins, but that’s alright! Put in your best effort and have fun with it!


Have a cause that you’re passionate about? Has a new organization popped up in your community? Lend some of your time to others to help out non-profits and feel good in the process. Research opportunities in your local community and choose one that you feel drawn to.

Learn a Language

There are currently 7,111 languages in the world! That may be an overwhelming amount, but choose one to focus on. After you’ve mastered it, plan a trip to visit with your new skill!

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