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How can AI-Powered ERP Software Improve your Business?

There used to be a time when the mention of AI (Artificial intelligence) was only mentioned on the big screen. A James Bond or Superhero movie, perhaps. But with time and technology pressing on, AI technology has not only become a common household tool but a business one as well.

When ERP software and cloud-based platforms first arrived on the market, they were an accomplishment in themselves! They had the ability to provide stronger security for businesses and their customers as well as a faster way to smooth out the operations of ever-evolving businesses.

But Artificial Intelligence has transformed what we can expect out of an effective and worthwhile ERP investment. With platforms like NetSuite, which announced their use of AI in their platforms in 2018, we’ve seen that AI-integrated platforms can propel businesses' operations and influence business decisions with their easily accessible and accurately gathered data.

This alone has shown any business owner that if you intend to move forward, AI integrations may not only be helpful but absolutely necessary if you want to continue optimizing the way we operate. Read on to find out some of the key reasons why!

Make Decisions Faster

While old ERP systems did improve the way businesses operated, they failed in their ability to give business owners true insight into what was happening across all spectrums within their business. But with AI-integrated ERP systems, owners are able to attain quick analysis’ and projections based on current operations so that they’re better equipped to make decisions at the moment.

NetSuite’s platform, for example, can provide accounting with real-time data generated from various departments so that they have an accurate and clear picture of all that’s going in and what's going out.

Enjoy Automatic Optimization

While the decision-making process for c-suite executives is improved with AI technology, don’t think that the benefits stop there! AI also holds powerful capabilities for improving every department from the ground up.

With the ability to hone in on discrepancies or quickly pinpoint problems within any workflow, AI technology allows every employee and manager to adapt to the needs and demands of a business more quickly. With configured settings, platforms such as NetSuite can alert certain users when something needs to be fixed or when an action needs to be taken. This makes it so that a problem or need doesn’t fester until the eyes of a worker finally land upon it. It can happen as soon as the problem crops up.

Cut-down On Manpower

The final reason that an AI-powered ERP system is a necessity in your business, is because of its ability to significantly cut down on manpower. Not only does this help you save in costs, but it also allows your treasured employees to focus on what they do best.

AI-powered ERP systems, for example can do things like generate scheduling recommendations and automate tasks. This means that managers no longer have to spend hours drawing up schedules. With configured settings, employees can enter the restrictions and get a generated schedule that works.

NetSuite Stays Ahead of the Game

We’ve scratched the surface of all the ways AI-powered ERP software can change the way you run your business. With capabilities to help your customer service, HR department, and even inventory management, AI can not only bring ease to running your business but a certain level of a hands-off approach as well.

With so many AI-powered options, however, we’d be failing you if we didn’t mention that NetSuite is one of the best ones out there. While it can do all of the above, its capabilities stretch out even further.

Interested in learning more about how NetSuite’s AI tech can help serve your business? Reach out to us via our contact page. We’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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