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How To Automate Your Business So You Can Make The Most of The Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

The holiday season for your average business owner can be a nightmare! It’s a great time to make sales but like the rest of the world, you want to clock out of work and enjoy time with your family too!

But the show must go on, right?

While that’s technically true, it’s also technically true that you don’t have to be there for all of it. We believe that by automating the major parts of your business, you can have things running without having to oversee every minute of it, continue to make money, AND spend that quality time with your family.

Read on to find out how!

Email Marketing

It’s the holiday season which means that most consumers are checking their emails for deals on how to make their bucks go an extra mile and if you’re not taking advantage of those extra lurking eyes, then you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to automate your business! Before you clock out, make sure to set up nurture email sequences as well as emails notifying them about ongoing sales or offers you’re currently selling. If you’re an eCommerce platform, make sure to activate an abandoned cart series so that you’re automatically re-engaging with potential customers!

Taking some time to write out these emails or hire a copywriter can save you lots of time over the holiday season while also increasing your revenue.

Work Flows

If your business dynamic is a bit more hands-on, consider implementing workflows if you have a system that allows it (if you don’t, checkout NetSuite!) By implementing workflows you can save yourself and your team tons of time from having to go in and do things manually.

You can consider automating proposals, contracts, invoices, and even orders so that your team is as removed as possible from processes that have already been looked over and you know don’t need a watchful eye.

With platforms that provide workflows such as NetSuite, you can even be alerted when something DOES need your attention so that you can intervene before anything goes wrong! Check out some of our previous blogs to learn more about how the NetSuite products can help your business in this capacity.

Social Media

If social media is something of importance to your business, then you more than likely don’t want to be devoting the majority of your time to it throughout the holidays!

Consider batching out your content and automating the posting of it throughout scheduling tools like Canva, Later, Planoly or Tailwind. A free option would also be to utilize Facebook’s Business Suite where you have the option to even schedule out your stories in advance!

Automating posts for your Social Media can save you from having to pull yourself away from family on Christmas day or other important holidays in order to send well wishes to your audience!

Automating your business is something we love at Ekwani and during the Holiday season, the importance of it always shines through! You worked hard all year and now you deserve to spend this time with your family!

We hope you take some of these into consideration and enjoy some downtime!

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