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How to Choose the Right Technology Consultant for your Business

Your business is running on a recent upswing of success. You’re bringing in new and returning customers left and right, your profit margin is increasing daily, and you can’t keep inventory on the shelves. Does this resonate with you?

Along with this newly-found growth is the niggling fact that your backend systems aren’t entirely prepared to manage the capacity that your business is running at, essentially halting you from scaling any further. Your systems aren’t quite automated, you haven’t fully utilized any of the accessible business software that’s out there, and you’re just waiting for the technological integration that will change the way your daily operations run.

Are you far from technologically inclined and don’t have an inkling of where to begin? Do you lack the spare time required to set up an in-depth, all encompassing planning program? Did you previously begin a software integration process, only to seize the efforts prior to completion?

If you found yourself agreeing to any of the above, it may be time to consider hiring a business technology consultant. The search for someone who can fully empower your business and allow you to realize your true potential can be overwhelming, but signing on with one who best fits your needs can be a business saving grace.

Below are the top 3 recommended features to consider when hiring an innovative business tech consultant that will lead you towards results-driven success.

Business Technology Expertise

If you’re looking for a consultant to implement the software that is best suited for your needs, you need to hire an expert who is knowledgeable and experienced. By choosing a consultant with proven expertise and a positive track record, you’ll be able to take solace in knowing that your backend business technology will be up and running seamlessly in just several weeks!

Imagine how it would feel to sleep tighter with the assurance that your invoicing is running on auto-pilot, your bank integration is happy and healthy and your warehouse inventory management finally has a productive flow. You even have the capability to review analytics with the click of one button to determine what’s been working and where shifts need to occur.

At Ekwani Consulting we are the technology experts you’ve been searching for. With over 20 years of software experience, we make business dreams come true by partnering with you to implement NetSuite based solutions that fit individual client needs and culture.

We not only specialize in Oracle NetSuite, but we work to implement it in businesses across eCommerce, high-technology engineering, manufacturing, health and beauty, retail and apparel, and professional service fields. We’ve been doing this for companies ranging from Fortune 100 status all the way down to thriving startups. Experience such as ours has vetted us to provide companies of any size with exactly what it is they need to move into success.

Ongoing Software Support


Your software has been implemented and your system has been running smoothly, which makes for greater productivity and an increased rate of growth. But the implementation process doesn’t end after the initial install. A consultant who provides support services can help provide you with the ongoing expertise needed to keep your system running smoothly.

Our approach to support services is consultative in nature. We work alongside you to become your trusted partner when there are break issues to be resolved within your system. You can also count on us for advisory help when proposed software changes pop up. You want the integrity of your system to remain intact and productive. A consultant who offers top-notch support services can ensure that that happens!

Specialized Learning Services

Navigating business technology software doesn’t come naturally to everyone. While the platforms are built to promote user-friendly features, learning curves are a typical piece of the integration process. A consultant who offers specialized learning services has the client’s best interest in mind-and at heart. All too often customers invest and deploy new systems only to be met with the challenging hurdle of training their employees to use it effectively. Finding a consultant who will help augment your staff’s knowledge of the newly implemented system is key to becoming more productive, and will ultimately accelerate the increase of your bottom line.

At Ekwani Consulting, we guide our customers from start to finish through the implementation journey by putting together support material, providing necessary training, and developing a proper communications plan to properly train your employees.

If you’re ready to implement an innovative business solution that will work for you, reach out to us here. For more information on Ekwani Consulting and the services we offer, you can visit our services page for a full view of how we can help your business deliver value through seamless systems and software.

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