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Introducing the Learning Company Pass

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Investing company money into a new software can be a little nerve wracking - that’s understandable. But the surest way to move with confidence that your company makes the most of the new software and so that you can sigh with relief from money well spent is by continually enriching your employees with training that will provide them the most up-to-date and comprehensive of practices.

By training your employees on not only how to integrate your software solution but also on ways to optimize their job duties as your business continues to grow, you keep your business running as efficiently as possible. You also ensure that you’re always prepared to handle the new levels your business may reach.

However if continuous employee training may sound like trying to find more time in the day or the need to reach deep into your pocket again, you needn’t worry! With NetSuite’s Learning Cloud Support Company Pass subscription-based training, for an affordable subscription fee, you get access to expert training resources and support that give your team the full hands-on training they need by being accessible, convenient and comprehensive.

With the LCS Company Pass, your team can engage in continuous learning without you having to worry about where to find the right course or the right help. The Pass is also perfect as it caters to many different learning styles. With on-demand e-learning courses, your employees can fit their training into any part of their day. And with lab exercises that are hands-on as well as interactive webinars and training support, your team will feel as though they have in-person training despite a pandemic! Access to the LCS Company Pass allows students, no matter the level, to improve knowledge within their roles as well as their self-sufficiency while carrying out the duties of their job.

Benefits of the LCS Company Pass

So what else can you get out of the pass? A LOT!

E-Learning Courses

By subscribing your company to the LCS Company pass, you can go to sleep at night knowing that your employees are always up to par on product knowledge adoption as they get unlimited access to LCS’s elearning courses!

These courses contain over 1,000 hours’ worth of courseware that your employees can access anytime and from anywhere. Along with role-based curriculums, you’ll be able to get your newer employees up-to-date in the blink of an eye! And if your team (or you) have questions about the course, don’t sweat it! With product experts at the ready, you can get your questions answered quickly!


If you have some on your team that are more visual learners, our webinars have them covered! With these webinars, they’re able to “participate in expert-led educational webinars that include product walkthroughs, solution optimizations and interactive discussions”

Hands-On Labs

Continue the hands-on experience with LCS Pass’s lab envirnoments where you can help your team build their confidence before going to the real thing! In this experience, they’re also provided with reference materials that can help them walk away with confidence knowing they’ve retained what they’ve learnt!

Tailored Events

Because NetSuite respects and understands that your business is unique, LCS Company Pass comes with the option of providing your new employees/users with “with live training sessions conducted in your unique solution configuration”. This unique experience can really help new users get a fast-track approach towards understanding your systems as well as your business’s unique needs!

Above & Beyond Training Support

To save you time, in addition to product support for our elearning courses, NetSuite’s LCS Company Pass also provides advisors who can help you establish your organizations user enablement strategy so that you can figure out the best training curriculum to make sure when you start your team up, it’s a quick and one stop shop!

Netsuite’s LCS Company Pass boasts that it “enables businesses to boost productivity, empower users and maximize their use of NetSuite” and it’s no wonder! Getting the LCS Company Pass is the next obvious step towards making efficiency of your business come full circle.

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