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It's Time to Automate

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

We made a recent blog on why it’s time to drop excel, and it got us wondering what else it’s time for you to drop. If your business is growing but your client experience and your way of doing business isn't, then there’s plenty of room for you to grow and streamline your business so that your output is growing, income is rising and your peace of mind is continually maintained.

The best way to do this? Automation.

Automating your systems is the single best way to make a myriad of things in your business easier. From the time you and your employees have to dedicate to certain tasks all the way over to your client experience, automating your process with systems like NetSuite is possibly the next step up the ladder of success that your business is waiting on!

Here are some reasons to consider automating your business:

Reduce Costs

The number one reason businesses implement automation is to reduce costs. In the beginning, it may make sense to sign up for small services here and there and maybe even outsource a few tasks because you just don’t have the time, but with CRM’s provided through softwares like NetSuite, you get the ultimate upgrade while shedding excess cost. Because softwares like NetSuite can house an all in one (automatic proposal, contract, and invoice sending) you can streamline the process of having to pay for services like this individually. With NetSuite also tracking things like your leads, you’re also ensured to never leave money on the table and to confirm that your leads are routinely, effectively, and consistently followed up on. Taking these tasks off your hands (or your teams) helps not only cut down on what you need to pay for in systems but also what you may be paying for in outsourcing to someone.

Stay in Your Zone

Another great reason to automate is because by having these systems in place, you’re awarded more time to stay in your zone of genius by not having to pause to get the small things taken care of. Imagine speaking with a lead, clicking a button and then having your entire process roll out on it’s own. Proposal sent, contract signed, invoice sent/paid and then a follow-up call automatically offered. These are things you are constantly having to stop to do throughout your day that is then eating up your time and taking away from the more effective things you could be doing in your business. By automating your systems, you can rededicate your time to things that generate more revenue in your business OR even just taking some time off to relax and trust that your business is still running smoothly.

Client Experience

Having an automated system allows your client experience to also improve because they’re not waiting on you or your team to take action, it happens instantaneously. Additionally, there are less human errors since you’re able to perfect the process. You can make sure that your workflows are great and error proof once and never have to worry about it again because it will always run the same. By giving your client this thorough, fast and effective automated service, you’re not only increasing your productivity but you’re increasing their faith in you to get the job done well!


Our final reason to switch to automating is so that your business can have clarity. Clarity on many things. What’s eating up your time, what’s holding you back, what is working and what isn’t as well as how you can improve. Does automating really do all of this for your business? YES. By automating your systems with programs like NetSuite, you’re inputting everything that you’re doing right now and basically giving the blueprint on your business. What this does is lay out for you in plain view where there are obvious gaps in your workflow, revenue etc. Maybe when you build out your workflow, you realize a critical step that you often overlook or forget to do. Maybe there are things you should be doing and never did because you didn’t think you had the capabilities to do so. Automation makes it possible.

So now you know why you need to automate but perhaps you’re still wondering if there’s really a system that can bring this change to your business. There is! Like we mentioned before, NetSuite is that system. With CRM, marketing automation, accounting software and more, you’re about to have a streamlined business along with more time on your hands!

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