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Netsuite 2022 Release 2

Although the year is starting to wind down, it appears that NetSuite is only beginning to wind up!

In July they released a sneak peek of the NetSuite 2022 Release 2! This sneak peek gave us an inside look at all the new updates this dynamite software is rolling out in order to keep up with the demands and needs of your ever-growing business!

Want to see what these new updates are bringing to optimization and ease in your business, then read on!

Updates for Finances

It’s no secret that the financial department of your business is undoubtedly one of the most important. Optimizing what’s going in and out of your business is one of the best ways to keep your business running smoothly as well as setting you up for success.

It’s because NetSuite is well aware of this that you’ll now be able to enjoy:

The new Rebate and Trade Promotions SuiteApp

This new app will allow you to make the most out of available rebates and trade promotions from most manufacturers. So instead of managing and executing what rebates are available and eligible for your business, the SuiteApp will take the initiative to do that for you, so you know you’re always getting the most out of your inventory investments.

Optimized ​​U.S. and Canada Bank Configuration/Setup Interface

Previously NetSuite would walk you through a series of phases in order to set up a connection to a financial situation, but those days are now gone! With the updated bank feed interface, you can connect through a simple and seamless popup configuration window that's fully fleshed with updated labels to make the process a breeze.

Updates for Inventory Management

One of the next important things on the ladder of success? Efficient inventory management. This is why you’ll also find some great IM updates in this latest NetSuite uplevel.

Check them out:

Smart Count

This mobile cycle counting solution is not only automated but also allows your workers to do inventory counts LIVE. The best part? It doesn’t require you to pause any transactions that are currently taking place. This means that you can get even better up-to-date and accurate inventory counts anytime, anywhere.

Item 360 Dashboard

In an effort to help you simplify inventory planning and management, the new item 360 dashboard helps you cut out the overwhelm! In this dashboard, you’re able to put any information on a particular item your team may need into one place. Think user-selected KPIs, inventory count, projected stock levels, and so much more.

Updates for CRM

One of the CRM updates we can’t leave without discussing is the CRM add-on!

In this add-on, you’ll now find built-in capabilities for pivotal roles like your sales managers, sales representatives, and marketing and customer service teams. You’ll also be able to get a comprehensive view of their analytics through things like tailored dashboards and “10 prebuilt SuiteAnalytics Workbooks to measure sales performance.”*

That’s only a few of the updates!

We haven’t even begun to touch on the updates seen in the supply chain management, Analytics Warehouse, or mobile app. To get the full breakdown of these updates, check it out here.


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