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NetSuite Grows With You

When we look at your business, we look at it as something that is always growing. Because there is no point where a successful business completely stalls. Whether that is in regards to its clientele, its goals, or its revenue.

At some point, things are always changing. Information in your business becomes different, your audience wants new things and you’re fighting to stay ahead of the game. And keeping up with these changes means you also need a system that keeps up with your needs.

Read on to learn more about how different demands on your business can affect the systems you’re currently running and why you need a system that has the ability to grow with you.

Problems Outdated Systems Run Into

Having a successful business means having an efficient system. This is why having a system that’s not ready for your growth can prove problematic in the worst of times.

Record Numbers Mean Record Problems

During busy seasons such as the holidays, consumers are much more likely to be hopping online and purchasing orders in record numbers. However, systems that are not accurately prepared for this, could cause a lot of delays or glitches in showing accurate information. For instance, it may tell a customer something is in stock when it indeed no longer is. It could show a revenue number that’s no longer accurate (whether revenue increased or decreased) which would cause problems for accounting in being able to accurately predict future moves for the business.

Increasing Staff

As your business grows, it's inevitable to bring more help on so that you’re not overworking yourself, other staff members and providing the best service possible to your customers. However, if a system is not prepared to have multiple users on at any given time, this could also slow down the efficiency you were looking for. This could manifest itself by providing you with slow loading pages that eventually lead to delays in processing across all departments.

NetSuite Accounts For All Of This

The problems above are exactly what NetSuite was built to account for. Because NetSuite knows that your business is never going to stay stagnant, it was designed to be able to morph and grow with your business and the needs arise.

Using specific service tiers to help your database automatically scale to the capacity your business needs, NetSuite’s system is always working to make sure you and your team are working in the most efficient and productive way possible. And with helpful tools that delineate things like maximum monthly transaction lines, file storage capacity, the number of users, and concurrency levels - you’re always staying one step ahead of the game.

Additionally, because of its useful and comprehensive reporting dashboard, your essential team members will also have access to things like metrics workbooks that help them get an even clearer in-depth view of how the system is running at any given time. And by using features such as the Application Performance SuiteApp, your team members could be notified when your system is running in good health or if there’s ever a need to tweak something.

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