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NetSuite OpenAir 2021 - A Modernized User Experience For The Project Manager!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

The global professional services industry is not only growing but drastically changing. Project management is on the trajectory to become more and more dynamic as the needs and demands of clients are not only increasing but getting more complicated. To meet this change, the professional service industry is really beginning to shake things up in order to stay competitive and their focus is all targeted on how they’re achieving their project delivery.

With project management having many different needs from beginning to end, NetSuite saw this as an opportunity to elevate the way things are being done so that your business can not only stay ahead of the game but do so in a way that will make it sustainable for your employees and your business overall.

In NetSuite OpenAir 2021 Release 2, your business can now help your team in becoming more efficient as they deliver on their projects. Throughout this release, you’ll find updates within the project component level that will help you provide clarity on project planning! You’ll also find enhancements for the user experience throughout the expense module in the OpenAir mobile app! To top it all off, the NetSuite Connector will also help you put the final seal on bringing together your service and financial data so that you can move forward more confidently in your decision making process for your business.

Read on below to find out more about how the NetSuite OpenAir 2021 Release 2 can/is furthering your business experience!

Project Lifecycle

If your project managers have been feeling a little bogged down and overwhelmed, the NetSuite OpenAir 2021 Release 2 is all about helping them work faster and more efficiently! Within the project center, they now have the ability to allow it to become their main screen so that they can more quickly know what parts/components of their project they need to zero in on. Providing them all the necessary data they need, project managers can now choose task and project plan durations based off the duration of bookings rather than the traditional way of assignments! They also now have the ability to calculate “calculate completion percentages using bookings”

Another bonus that will be a favorite amongst your project managers is that they can now navigate and steer project plans from bookings that are within the project center as well as have access to previous settings in the project plan in order to help them simplify Gantt charts!

Connecting with the NetSuite Connector

NetSuite’s OpenAir 2021 Release 2 has also made huge jumps in it’s ability to give organizations more clarity and understanding on their reporting! NetSuite OpenAir’s 2021 Release 2, gives them a welded view of both OpenAir and NetSuite’s data through the NetSuite Connector. This will allow them not only to export reports from one app to another so that they can more easily track metrics and have more accurate forecasts but give them the ability to form unique export workflows, and have seamless integration capabilities with SuiteTax so that they can better manage invoicing, credit notes, expense reports and vendor bills.

Updates on the Mobile App!

If you’re not utilizing the OpenAir Mobile App then you’re missing out and doing your entire business a great disservice when it comes to convenience! Especially because NetSuite OpenAir 2021 Release 2 just made it that much better! In this latest update, NetSuite OpenAir 2021 has given it’s mobile module redesigned capabilities when it comes to expense management. You can now enjoy a modernized look and feel in addition to a simplified way/ease of expense entry! You’ll also find a quicker navigation to help you in speeding up the creation of expense receipts, easier ways of adding attachments with the option to now include images, and updated permissions and form rules to help you create better automations and expense management!

What are you excited to use first?

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