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NetSuite Release 1 for 2022

If you thought we were joking around when we said that NetSuite is constantly evolving to fit the needs of your business then guess again!

NetSuite has revealed a sneak peek of its 2022 updates and it's fleshed with features such as “faster workbook dataset linking and more analytics for the NetSuite Data Warehouse”

With a concentration on providing you the fastest access to your data that you can get, these updates provide essential members on your team (we’re looking at you decision-makers!), access to more complex requests of data so that they can generate reports that give a fully robust overview of all things going on within your business such as inventory, revenue, customer journeys and much more.

With NetSuite 2022 Release 1, SuiteAnalytics will make sure that data is always readily available so that team members can make quicker decisions and link backreferences in order to give other team members a comprehensive overview. Additionally, with NetSuite dedicating itself to providing more prebuilt analytics within its NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, development costs will be able to decrease while high-quality analytics will have a forecast to continue rising.

Dataset Linking Looks New

A common complaint amongst users prior to the Netsuite 2022 Release 1, was that in order to analyze multiple data sets within the SuiteAnalytics Workbook, users would have to write code using the SuiteScript ApI. Notably, this was time-consuming, inefficient, and against the mission of what NetSuite was supposed to bring to a business. Therefore, within the newest release, Suite Analytics now has a new interface that promotes a more user-friendly experience.

With the updated features, users can now link multiple datasets in their workbooks without having to worry about coding anything or speaking to a developer. Not only is this freeing up time and avoiding delays in decision making but its’ also providing analysts within your business with:

  • Ability to create quicker visuals with multiple datasets

  • Have more ways of utilizing datasets

  • Have the ability to create customized workbooks even more specific to your business needs

Again, with this brilliant update, you and your team can now expect less hands on time creating code and more time doing their job - analyzing and finding ways to push your business forward by getting clarity on budgets, forecasts, and plans for the future

Say Hello to More Analytics

Ever since the release of NetSuite’s Analytics Warehouse, we’ve heard from clients as well as the NetSuite community that it's been a massive help to the efficiency of their business. With NetSuite’s keen insight into creating a hub that provided them an online data warehouse as well as a place to integrate non-NetSuite Data, businesses were provided ways to become even more empowered with the knowledge of the things going on with their business at any given time.

And as it so often happens, when we get something good - we want more of it! And NetSuite has delivered in this most recent update. With more prebuilt analytics, the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse now provides you with:

  • More dashboards for sales, order management, procurement, inventory, financials, and customer growth

  • Snapshot datasets for work orders, inventory, and expense reporting

  • More transaction types

  • Custom fields for entities and items in the NSAW data model

Like we said, with NetSuite always monitoring user experience and constantly working to make it better with each release, it's important to always voice your concerns so that your problems are given solutions in future updates as well! Enjoy!

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