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Positive Morning Routine

As any good entrepreneur knows, our time is valuable. What we do with our days can either set us up for success, stall us from moving forward, or make us regress.

And as any good entrepreneur knows...those last two options are not an option. Because once your business is up and running, your ideas and hope for it will only continue to grow. Making sure that you’re in the best mental space and capacity to sustain it is of the utmost importance.

Many millionaires attribute their success to a habitual morning routine and once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to deny that it works!

Morning routines help set you up for a great productive day by starting your day off with intention and giving yourself back some time while the world is still quiet.

By accomplishing your morning routine in the morning, your mind is given a small win for the day before the sun has even risen and these small wins have been proven to increase productivity as well as help you start the day on a happier note knowing you were able to take care of yourself.

The trick to a good positive morning routine, however, is finding one that’s right for you. Because the same routine won’t work for everyone! The same way your business is completely different and unique from the next, is the same way your morning routine will shape up.

Maybe you’re happy to wake up 2hrs earlier to get in a good jog and breakfast. Maybe 1hr of meditation and breakfast before the kids wake up is all you think you can muster!

Either option can be perfect for you as long as you incorporate some key things in your morning routine in order to make it a positively balanced one:

Set Intention

As an entrepreneur, you likely have a ton of ideas swimming around your head and when we hit the pillow at night, it can be discouraging knowing we didn’t get things accomplished. To curb that disappointment, try setting intention during your morning routine. Pull out a piece of paper or planner and write down the top 5 things you must get done for the day! If you need to time block yourself to get even more intentional, go for it!

Move it, Move it!

Now that you have your goals set, and before you get chained to staring at your laptop for the rest of the day, get your body moving! Your mental capacity for those goals will only be as strong as the physical capacity your body has to stay energized throughout the day. And in order to stay energized, you must honor your body’s needs as well! Consider doing some yoga,pilates, or even an at home workout (YouTube has an endless supply!). Don’t forget to stay hydrated and bounce back from your workout with a great morning breakfast though!

Spread Some Love

Another way to get your mind in a happy positive mood in the morning, is making sure to spread a little love before you run out the door for the day. And spreading love can be whatever you make it! Maybe you write out a note for your partner or kids letting them know how much you love them, spend 10mins playing with your dog or even just text a friend a “i’m thinking of you” message! It all counts. By spreading some love and making a habit of connecting with those that matter to you, you’ll start your day off knowing that you’re keeping what matters the most front and center of your day as you move ahead! Not to mention, they’ll appreciate the extra attention too!

Mind Over Matter

Finally, no positive morning routine can be completed without spreading some love to yourself! As you go about building out your routine, make sure that your own self-reflection is incorporated into your morings. This can consist of: meditation, journaling, light reading surrounding self-love, or even just doing something you love doing (i.e. painting, writing, being outside etc.). Make sure you do something that is fulfilling to you and helps you feel a bit more centered and clear minded as you move ahead into your day.

There you have it! As long as you incorporate each one of these things into your morning routine, it’s sure to be a productively positive one that will have your mind pumped and ready for the day!

Here’s my positive morning routine:

  • Write out my goals for the day

  • 30mins of meditation

  • 30mins of cardio workout

  • Breakfast

  • Call my mom for a quick chat!

After doing this for quite some time, my body and mind not only look forward to it but my days are no longer the same without it!

Do you have a morning routine? Share below!

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