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Productive Things To Do In Your Business To Gear up for Q2

And just like that, Q1 of 2022 is almost a wrap, can you believe it?

As an entrepreneur, the start of a new quarter is a great reason to take in a good comprehensive view of where your business stands and in this blog, we’re sharing with you some of the most productive measures you can take to make sure that you gear up for a strong and productive quarter two.

Grab a pen, paper, and then read on!

Clean out your files

The first thing you’ll want to do as you gear up for quarter two is clean out your files! If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your desktop, google drive, and download folder is probably a mess of information that you don’t need anymore!

Take some time before the new quarter to go through everything and sort it out. Figure what you do need to keep and get rid of what's no longer pertinent. And to keep it from staying messy, make sure you have folders on your desktop that you’re able to file these things into so that Q2 can be a bit easier when it comes time to organize.

If you’re someone who isn’t fully online and may have some physical paperwork sitting around your office too, then do the same here! Develop a filing system and throw out anything that doesn't fall in line.

Update client files

Are you starting the new quarter out with new clients? Have you checked in with your established ones? How about your old ones?

For new clients, you’ll want to check and make sure their client files are fully intact! Make sure questionnaires, any pertinent tax documents, and other designated files are properly filed or sent out if necessary.

For established clients, double-check that any important paperwork or files that may have been shared during this last quarter are accounted for in your folder. If you like to do check-ins with your client, this is also a good time to make sure those check-in forms have been sent out!

For past clients, a new quarter is a good reason to reach out to them and bring them up-to-date on where your business currently stands, any new offers or services you now offer, and remind them of how you can still serve them! Reaching out to past clients now is a smart way to bring new revenue into the fold as many businesses tend to make new business purchases or investments at the start of new quarters!

Organize your inbox

When’s the last time you cleaned out your inbox? A new quarter is as good a time as any! Spend some time before the new quarter going through your inbox and getting rid of all the spam or filler messages that are only taking up space in your inbox!

If you don’t have labels or folders or your inbox, now is also a good time to use them! Make folders/labels for things like certain clients, tax forms, requests etc. By doing this now, it’ll be easier to help you sort them as they come in during the new quarter.

Checkin and update your goals

The last productive thing we want to encourage you to do before the new quarter is to check in with Q1 goals and update them for Q2!

If you made goals for Q1, circle back and see what you’ve accomplished! Remember to celebrate the small steps you were able to take and see what actionable steps you can take in Q2 to achieve the bigger picture.

If you didn’t make any goals for Q1, make some for Q2! Consider what you wished happened in your business during Q1 and then make those into your goals for the new quarter.

By taking productive steps to start off your Q2, you’ll step into it feeling confident and prepared. And by having that mindset, you’ll be much more enticed to push towards accomplishing big things!

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