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Quick Daily Makeup Routine But Also Your Moment of Zen

Is makeup something you don’t feel right without but also struggling with to incorporate into your busy day-to-day? For so many, their makeup routine is a non-negotiable thing that they have to get done before they leave the house. Whether it’s rushed or just has to happen. However, whether you have 60+ minutes or 4 minutes to spend on it, I want to challenge you to not worry about just getting it done but rather the importance of how a good daily makeup routine can make you feel. Turn this routine into a chance to spend quality time with yourself and reshape this routine as a moment for breath and yes, even some inner peace.

Here’s how to have an effective quick makeup routine that gets you the results you want as well as caters to the inner you!

Set an Intention

Why are you doing your makeup this morning?

Is it for a quick zoom call? Is it because you want to create the appearance that you haven’t been finishing that presentation or catching up on some client work all night?

When setting an intention it makes it more simple to focus on a goal. Do you want a simple dewy look that will allow you to look fresh all day or do you want a sharp cat eye that will give you a boost of confidence every time you look in the mirror?

Even if it’s simply saying, putting on some makeup will help me feel more productive, that’s fine! There’s no wrong answer to this one, just set that intention.

Protect Yourself

After washing your face in the morning, take time to close your eyes and give your face and neck a generous dose of moisturizer and sunscreen that suits your skin type and complexion. You can also mix it up and add a tinted moisturizer or face oil for that extra glow, while still being mindful of your intention.

When applying the moisturizer and sunscreen to your face, you can introduce the coveted Japanese Skin Care Technique of gently patting your face and neck, being careful not to pull or drag at your skin and letting the moisturizer set.

Maybe have a cold glass of water or your personal water bottle at arms reach while applying your first layer of protection of the day as a reminder to practice tenderness. There’s an endless list of benefits of drinking water which directly contribute to your memory, mood, skin, and physiological functions, so why not incorporate it into your day?

Quick - no fuss tip: Find a combination of moisturizer and SPF - opt for a multipurpose base that is both a moisturizer and an SPF. Making this a part of your quick makeup routine starts your day by prioritizing yourself and your skin before you elevate it!

Finding Balance with Foundation and Cover-Up

To even your skin tone and hide any under eye fatigue from your constant influx of responsibilities, if time permits, apply foundation and cover up or simply choose one that works for your look.

Apply foundation thoroughly on your face as needed, again with clean hands or a complexion brush blending in evenly. Make sure the hairline and neck are blended evenly as well if necessary.

Next, brighten some dull spots with some concealer. If your eyes and any spots on your face are looking particularly menacing, use a bit of concealer to brighten and create balance on your face. Concealer can be used for hiding under eye fatigue, as an eyeshadow primer, highlighter and even a lip base if you’re reapplying lipstick throughout the day.

Seal this in with a setting powder if you have a long day ahead of you. Apply the powder with a beauty sponge or brush, letting it “bake” and reduce any shine or wear throughout the day, before lightly brushing it off.

Whilst going over the area near your nose, take time to breathe deeply filling your lungs with air and exhaling while going through your makeup routine. Repeated deep breathing can naturally bring your heart rate down to match your breath and release chemicals that have a naturally calming effect.

Quick - no fuss tip: Need to speed up this routine even more? Concealer is the best go to for balancing out your complexion. If not, a triple threat of moisturizer, SPF and foundation can suffice for an even cover-up and remember to deep breathe!

Honing in on Mascara, Eyes and Brows

Create some drama or softness with your mascara, eyes, and brows. Revisit your intention here. Hone in on it to create a makeup look for today.

Do you want a dramatic winged eyeliner to make you feel sleek? Fanned out thick brows to make you look youthful and bold? Would you like a pop of color for your eyeshadow or something more subdued and easy to get through your day? You can choose one or all three options to adopt in your makeup routine.

Applying mascara to lashes is universally a simple go to when putting on makeup but always do what feels natural to you.

The best order to avoid any spillage into the next step could be eyes, mascara, and lastly brows to inch towards finishing your look.

Quick - no fuss tip: Some products have an option for both eyelashes and brows. For your eyes you can also experiment with different color liquid liners to create your unique look.

Smile, let’s start your day

It’s time to finish off your quick beautiful look by giving some extra love to your lips and cheeks.

If you have the time, apply contour to your cheeks from an angle going straight from your ears down to the lips to create a lifting effect and saturate your brush with the blush that suits your complexion and swath some on your cheek bones again focusing on a straight line pattern, instead going from your cheekbones to your ears to create a lifting look.

You can altogether quickly transform your face solely based on where blush placement or contour is, which is exciting!

Finish off with some lip balm, lip gloss, or a lip color that will make you smile at the end of your routine and feel a bit of peace even if you have a chaotic day ahead of you. Taking time to slowly apply anything on to your lips and lightly brush your face can make you feel like royalty so take time for yourself today and revel in the moment.

What's your favorite go-to daily morning routine? Any additional tips on making it a quick one while also prioritizing your self-care?

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