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Reasons to Use NetSuite for eCommerce

Are you an eCommerce store owner? If so, it's likely that you understand more than most how important it is to have a system that works for your business. WIth online trends and usage constantly changing, you need a system that can help you keep your business running with minimal delay.

That’s why NetSuite is one we recommend to most of our eCommerce clients! With its ever-growing technology and meticulous insight into understanding what it takes to keep your business running efficiently and successfully, we believe that its a system that gives others a run for its money.

If you’re currently shopping for new systems to help run your eCommerce store or researching ways to make running your business better, then keep reading for our top reasons on why using NetSuite will be a game-changer for your store!

Umbrella System

The main reason we believe that NetSuite will be the game-changer for your business is because of its capability of being an umbrella-type system for your business. For most eCommerce stores now, they have a mixture of ways they’re keeping their business running - excel sheets, QuickBooks, amazon integrations, etc. And switching back and forth between all of this is extremely time-consuming and prone to human error as different systems may generate information differently and lay the way for accidents to happen.

But when using NetSuite for your eCommerce business, you get a sort of Umbrella System that can be used for many different things.

Manage Your Inventory

Selling solely online isn’t the same as with just a Brick and Mortar. In many ways, its harder and that comes into play especially when managing your inventory. With eCommerce stores providing consumers with instant access to their shopping needs and desires, inventory moves at a much faster rate than that of a brick and mortar. This means that managing your inventory needs to be operating at a high level. Luckily, NetSuite has a feature dedicated to doing just that.

System Consistency

Are you running your eCommerce store in person as well? If so, NetSuite would be able to bolster both versions of your business by allowing them to operate on one platform. Today, many Brick & Mortars that sell online are restricted to using a POS in-store and another form of payment with their customers online. This creates a messy and taxing issue of having to pull all transactions in so that you can get an idea of your sales. But with NetSuite, everything can happen on one interface so that both your Brick & Mortar and eCommerce are corresponding with each other at all times (whether about sales or finances)

Integration Capability

As we mentioned before, eCommerce stores typically work with many different apps. Whether that be Quickbooks, Amazon, Etsy and other platforms that help them sell and offer their products, logging into these individually can be time-consuming and error-prone, but with NetSuite’s integration capabilities, you would be able to seamlessly integrate most if not all apps that your business needs or uses into one simple hub in the NetSuite interface so that you can have a streamlined process of sharing information.

Scale with Success

The second main reason we love NetSuite for eCommerce customers is because of the ease that it gives your business to scale. With pandemic concerns pushing more and more consumers to purchase online, its important that you have systems in place to help your business scale in a way that’s planned as well as unexpectedly. And NetSuite can give that to you!

Broad Over-View Of Your Business

As we mentioned before, NetSuite provides you with an umbrella system and by utilizing this system it gives you a broad overview of your business that truly helps put you in a position of scalability. By knowing the inner workings of your business at all times, you can see areas or problems that can be fixed to improve user experience and profit. Additionally, having this information can help you see trends in your business. If a certain product, service, or offer begins picking up momentum, NetSuite could notify you early enough so that you can make sure you have the capabilities to handle the increased momentum.

System Customizations

Because your business will always be growing and you’ll always need a system that grows with you, NetSuite’s system customizations are another great reason to implement it into your business! By always being able to tweak the inner workings of your business (i.e. workflows, inventory, etc.,) you’ll always have the technological support you need to scale.

There are many platforms out there promising to help your eCommerce business thrive but when it comes to a platform/software that can not only help your business thrive but scale, we don’t think anything compares to NetSuite! Reach out to us if you have any more questions on how NetSuite could help your business grow.

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