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Spring Activities you Can Do (Even During a Pandemic)

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

We’re in 2021 and the pandemic, while taking a turn, is still alive and kicking. This means that our “new normal” is very much still in effect!

As the seasons start to change, and we look forward to the beauty of Spring, you may be feeling a bit season-sick with the restrictions still placed throughout the country.

The uplifting thing? There are still SO MUCH spring activities you can pull off for yourself, the kiddos and your family even during a pandemic!

Don’t believe us? Here’s a few to get your wheels turning.

Plant A Spring Garden

If 2020 kept you cooped up inside just like the rest of us, you may be missing the natural beauty of the outdoors and looking forward to the freshness of Spring! To get yourself in the mood (and no mask required!), consider going outside and planting your own Spring garden.

While this can be a fun activity for the kids, gardening has also been reported as a calming/stress relieving activity for many adults!

Enjoy The Weather Outside

If you do decide to plant a garden, why not extend the fresh air! Grab your funnest mask and enjoy the weather outside.

Take a walk down your favorite path or pack the kids up in the car to drive to your favorite hangout spot! With some parks opening back up at half capacity, there is still plenty of opportunity for you to get some fresh air and waste some of their overzealous energy!

Spring Cleaning

If you’re looking forward to Spring, there’s definitely no reason to skip out on Spring Cleaning! Out with the old and in with the new! Dedicate a day to honor the new season by giving your house a good dusting, mopping and fluffing as you burst open the windows and maybe even put up some nice new flowers from your garden! The clean/fresh feeling will definitely make you feel lighter inside and out!

Fly A Kite

A favorite pastime for kids and one that can definitely still be honored! Whether your park is closed or not, enjoy the beautiful new weather by taking the kiddos in the front/back yard and enjoying the simplicity of flying kites!

Looking for some extra fun? Make it craft time and create your own!

Build a Birdhouse

Another favorite pastime of Spring is to take time to appreciate all the fun animals that come out to play in this season!

With the song of the birds in the air, building a birdhouse might be a fun activity to do with the kids as well as a way to invite the birds to give you a free concert right outside your window each morning!

What an uplifting alarm! Here’s one you can check out from Home Depot!


Tired of staring at the walls of your house but also still weary of CoVID? You’re not the only one feeling this predicament. This Spring maybe it’s time to try out a staycation. If you’re able to stay in-state somewhere you trust, great! It’ll definitely do your eyes some good.

But if you’re uncomfortable leaving the house, how about making your vacation right at home? Have some fun by redecorating a room and cooking some delicious off-menu food! Grab a cook book and cook the meals of the place you’ll be sure to visit once restrictions are lifted and then save some time to sleep in the next morning!

Farmers Market

Springtime is the best time for certain fruits and vegetables to come into season which means it's also a great time to check out your local farmers market if they’re open!

Grab your mask and your favorite springtime attire to take a nice stroll through your local market to see what’s now in season!

Local Events

If all else fails, looking up your local events is always a great way to find things to do. During a pandemic, cities all across the country are looking for ways to provide community and social events within safe precautions. Check out your local city/state website to see what fun events are being planned with CoVID precautions in mind!

What are you doing to celebrate the Springtime?

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