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The Key to Having a Productive Week

Do you have some goals for 2021?

As it does every year, the new year brings in an avalanche of new inspiration, ideas and resolutions to conquer. And why shouldn’t it? You’ve got a full 12 months to now start something new for your business, up level a part of your business you maybe started last year or maybe go a new route entirely! But the problem with resolutions is that almost 80% of people that make a new year’s resolution, quit them by February and a few more drop off every month thereafter.

So how do you avoid falling into that huge bracket and how do you commit to your resolutions, goals and stay the course towards fulfilling what you’ve promised yourself, your business and maybe even your team?

You stay productive!

Being productive is a commitment to your day-to-day rather than an overview of the long-haul. Being productive requires you implementing a handful of strategies so that your goals/resolutions stay at the forefront of your mind and then you work towards them all throughout your week, every week!

Have you made some goals or resolutions for the new year? Here are some key ways to have a productive week so that you stay on course to conquer those goals!

Plan out the week ahead

Every Sunday, take 30mins to silently sit and plan out your week. Whether you like putting pen to paper, typing something out in your calendar or even dropping reminders and events in your phone, having an outline of what’s to come can help give your mind deadlines to get things done so that you hold yourself more accountable.

Check calendar for whatever is scheduled

When planning out your weeks, make sure to take note of what is already scheduled! While you make your own plans it’s important to incorporate these pre-scheduled events so that you don’t ask more of yourself than you can give. Scheduling something on a day where you already have too much going on will all but ensure that your goals for that day will get pushed off and ultimately not done.

Set yourself up for success but strategically planning out week/day/time so that you know when you sit down to do your task, you have the capacity to do so!

Set reminders

As a business owner, you can absolutely get caught up in the moment! Maybe you’re implementing new systems, a team member needs a little bit more attention that day or you’re extremely excited about onboarding a new client! These are all things that can railroad our thoughts and get us very distracted from our other tasks and before you know it, you look up and hours have passed by and you’ve barely accomplished anything!

Save yourself from spending too much of your hours on things you can revisit by setting reminders for yourself throughout the day!

Once you’ve planned out your calendar, get specific on the hours if you have to! If there’s something you want to get done before 5pm on a Wednesday, set a reminder for yourself at 12pm and again at 3pm letting yourself know you’ve only got a few hours before the day is over and it’s time to jump into that task.

Additionally, you can set a reminder for yourself to review your tasks for the day at the top of every morning! That way you know what to have the mindset for and you can align your day in a way that gives you the space to make your way through all your tasks/goals.

Know that you can outsource

Whether in your personal life or your professional one, understanding that you can’t expect to do everything and that it’s also OK to get help, can be key to allowing yourself to have the space to accomplish all that you want. Whether that’s a babysitter in your personal life or a virtual assistant in your professional one, help like this can help in putting a ton of time back on your plate so that you can dedicate more days to working towards a certain goal or even knowing that you’ll have a block set of time throughout the day to work on something that you once spent working on something else!


These are all keys towards building out a productive week! Once you’ve got them down, rinse and repeat for 12 months as you sail into the most productive year of your life and hit every goal you’ve made for yourself!

Goodbye resolution statistics and hello success!

Do you have any key tips towards productivity that you want to share?

Drop a comment below!

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