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There’s More Than Just NetSuite

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

It’s true that we like to sing the NetSuite praise over here but we realize that we’ve also misled you! NetSuite isn’t the only powerhouse platform that we love introducing our clients to. Another two favorites of ours include Celigo and Brex!

Although each company has its own mission and principles, they share one thing in common which is making life as a business owner easier. Which happens to be our main goal for you too!

We work hard to find the best ways to take all the backend time-sucking tasks off your hands so that you can focus on your business the way you envisioned when you first started it. Through platforms like Celigo, Brex, and NetSuite, automation becomes not only possible but second nature in your business! Read on to find out how platforms like Celigo and Brex can create enhanced efficiency, sustainability and success within your business.


How many different apps does your business currently utilize in order to provide the service or product that you do? For many online businesses today, that number can run up quite quickly. While it’s great that there are apps that give us the ability to do this, it also becomes cumbersome for the worker to connect data from one app to another, transfer data or simply do their job efficiently when these apps aren’t connected to each other.

This is where Celigo comes in!

With high-quality softwares such as Celigo’s IPaas, you can connect any amount of applications you utilize to run your business back to your main hub so that your team can more efficiently collect data as well as receive the most accurate needed information to do their job.

With Celigo’s IPaas, you can expect features such as:

Guaranteed data delivery

A guarantee that your information is secure until it’s reached the intended destination.

Error Notification

If there are any errors in transferring your data, you’ll be notified of it immediately.

Endpoint connectors

iPaaS makes it possible for specific applications to connect more efficiently via API

Data Security

Ensures that only users that are given specific access to data while have permission to open certain things.


You’ll have a main homebase to create and manage integrations so that you can make changes whenever you deem necessary!

But the fun doesn’t stop there with Celigo! Along with pre-built connectors and integrations, native integrations for your SaaS Product as well as data loaders and cloud extends, Celigo makes sure that you have everything you need to make sure connecting and managing your applications is the easiest part of your day!

Find out more about Celigo here:


Where Celigo is all about helping you run your business so you can get paid, Brex is focused on all that you can do once your money comes in!

Through Brex, you get a host of options to help you manage the money you make in your business so that you can have access to more opportunities and subsequently make the best of the best choices!

Brex provides things like:

Business Accounts

Similar to your regular business checking account only you get a ton more perks! With Brex Accounts you can say goodbye to bank fees, get live support whenever you need it, make free transfers AND feel safe storing your deposits as their partner banks offer FDIC coverage up to $250,000!

Credit Cards

With Brex credit cards, you can get 10-20x higher limits than you would with typical corporate cards when you want monthly billing. On top of this perk, enjoy free cards for the entire team, fraud protection, zero liability and the sweet relief of having no personal liability. We see no downfall here!

So much more!

Brex is invested not just in amplifying your spending power today but also your spending power for tomorrow! With innovative integration systems, expense tracking tools as well as bill pay - you have every tool you need to make the most out of your finances!

Find out more about Brex here:

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