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Top 10 Fall Skincare Tips To Look Your Best!

The leaves are changing and the weather is cooling down! Which means that you’re likely on the hunt for some fall skincare tips!

We don’t blame you - we were the same. With the changing weather, temperatures are known to cause varying effects on everyone's skin! For some, it can make your skin more dry, it could irritate existing skin conditions or even make new ones arise. Sigh.

For the special ones amongst it, the Fall weather may even make their skin look healthier but we’re not here for them.

Which is why we went out and rounded up the top 10 fall skincare tips to follow that we think will help you look your best and we’ve found some really good ones!

Let’s review, shall we?

#1. Give your lips some love

The cooler winds and the drops in temperature often cause the skin on your lips to chap during the fall. To keep them healthy and supported from the colder weather, make sure to carry around some lip balm or chapstick with you and apply it routinely throughout your day. It’ll give an extra moisturized boost to that dazzling smile.

#2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Speaking of moisturizing, most articles suggest that your lips aren’t the only place to lay your focus. After hopping out of the shower, be sure to apply body lotion to keep a layer of protection on your skin before heading outdoors.

To note, it’s also suggested that during the fall and winter months you swap out your lighter moisturizers for that of heavier ones. The reason being that during the warmer months, the summer air typically has more moisture. However, now that that’s gone, you’ll want to make sure you’re continuing to give your skin the moisture it had before or you’ll experience things like dry skin.

#3. Don’t skip the sunscreen

No matter the season or the weather - dermatologists agree that sunscreen is always a must! Depending on your skin type, you’ll want to do your research to find the right type of sunscreen that attends to the needs of your skin.

#4. Keep hydrated

While the summer heat may have had you walking around with your water bottle glued to your hip, the fall and winter months should be no different! The best way to keep your skin healthy and fresh is by keeping it hydrated and experts agree that all starts from within.

#5. Break out the fall clothes

Another reason that our skin might feel irritated or damaged during the fall months tends to fall on our reluctance to accept the changing weather! If you’re still sporting the easy-going summer shorts in brisk winds, you may be risking your skin to more damage. So before you step outside, make sure to check the weather and wear clothes that protect your skin!

#6. Say goodbye to steamy showers

The cooler temperatures may already have your skin feeling dry so it might be time to cut out those steamy showers. We know, we’re crying too! But steamy showers tend to dry your skin and leave it feeling irritated so you’ll want to opt for lukewarm showers. After you step out, just make sure to moisturize!

#7. Say hello to facial oils

The winter months might be taking away your steamy showers but they’re giving you back your facial oils! While most facial oils may leave your face feeling heavy during the summer months, the winter months are the best times to use these as they add moisture back into your skin to give it the healthy glow you love!

#8. Bring in the humidifier

As fall approaches, you’re more likely to stop using the cooling option on your AC and switch over to the heat. The problem is that the heater in your home could be pulling out all the moisture in order to do its job, leaving you in an environment that dries out your skin. To balance this, break out your humidifier and maybe even throw in some essential oils. It’ll add the moisture back in while getting you nice and relaxed.

#9. Add-in vitamin C

To help keep your sunscreen at the top of its game during the winter months, consider adding in Vitamin C to your daily regimen! It’s been shown to help even skin pigmentation amongst other things throughout the cold fall and winter months!

#10. Stay clear of harmful ingredients

One of the biggest recommendations we can give you when it comes to fall skincare tips is being conscious of the products you buy and steering clear of harmful ingredients. Many beauty products on the shelves today use ingredients that strip your skin down further which could create frustrating effects throughout the fall months. Instead, opt for brands that promote clean beauty and get the clean ingredients your skin deserves!

With these tips, we’re sure that looking your best this Fall will be a breeze! Just remember to do what you can and enjoy the seasons.

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