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Top 5 Tech Gifts To Give This Year

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

The holiday season has officially arrived and now that you’re switching out of work mode, you’re more than likely switching into shopping mode for the loved ones on your list!

And if you’re like most of us living in 2021, you’ve got someone on your list who’s obsessed with gadgets! From AirPods to speakers, smartphones and so much more, it can get overwhelming trying to decide the best gift to get for your tech-lover but luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve put together the top 5 tech gifts you can give this year - read on!

Google Nest Mini

The Google Nest Mini is a great option for young and older generations on your list! It’s small and compact so that it can fit essentially anywhere while also packing a punch for your standard AI.

With this mini, your kids can jam out to their favorite songs and even ask Google any (or all) of the questions that they need to know although mom and dad may not be available.

For adults, the Google Nest mini brings the same amount of fun! Stream music, news, or podcasts while getting answers to any and every question while also having the features to control smart home features!

And for just $24.99 - you won’t be breaking the bank! Bonus points!

Casely - On the Go Phone Chargers

Here’s another fun gadget that any loved one, of any age, will find super handy! Casely’s fun and colorful cases also double as phone chargers so that you never have to worry about running out of juice while also staying in style.

It’s perfect for the teenager who has a ton of extracurriculars after school, the entrepreneur who’s busy running from meeting to meeting or the parent who sometimes doesn’t have a chance to catch their breath, let alone charge their phone!

UV Phone Cleaner

This season, you can skip the tanning bed and let your phone get a turn! With Phone Soap Box’s fun new gadget, perfect for the worries of an ongoing pandemic, this UV phone cleaner box cleans off all the germs on your phone in just 5mins! And with fun colors, you can pick one for anyone on your list.

Face Tracking Phone Mount

Looking for a present for the creative content creator in your family? This Belkin face tracking phone mount will be the perfect thing! This gadget can shoot content from any angle while tracking your movements and connecting directly to your social media channels!

Smart Writing Set

For the tech-lover who also loves writing things by hand, this tech gift will be a lifesaver! The Moleskine Smart Writing Set allows you to write things by hand in its state-of-the-art designed Moleskine notebook while having everything INSTANTLY digitized via the Moleskine App! This gadget is perfect for kids looking for more creative ways to stay on top of schoolwork as well as for busy entrepreneurs looking to streamline their note-taking in between busy calls!

While every year brings tons of different technological advancements for your tech-lover to choose from, these fun ideas are sure to show them how much you care without having to break the bank!

Happy Holidays!

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