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Transforming Your Company from Paper to Digital (A 2-Part Series)

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

If you’ve been to the eye doctor lately, you’ve probably seen their wall of paper files and found yourself wondering “how do they manage that” and then proceeded to have a headache. It’s because paper filing and simply running on paper documents...has become the *very* old way of doing things. Especially when it comes to running a business.

And there’s a good reason for that. Running a company by paper is what we had to do when we had no better alternative. We also paid the price for it with human errors, high costs and let’s not even get started on the environmental issues! Running our companies on paper was holding us back.

When the option for something better came along, it’s no wonder that most companies (your eye doctor excluded) raced to be first in line. Going “digital” has provided optimal performance in companies across the board and companies like NetSuite have been continually ahead of the game in capitalizing upon this opportunity to make the way you do business the most streamlined, cost-effective and eco conscious way out there by making the transformation an easy one.

Efficient and Automated Software Makes Digital Transformation with NetSuite A Breeze!

NetSuite is not the #1 Cloud ERP for nothing. This ERP provides you with “one unified business management suite that encompasses ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce”. It essentially gives you the exact components of what you need to run your business online.

If you’re dealing with:

(Everything that keeps your business running) then transferring (and transforming) over to NetSuite will be a hassle-free experience primarily because NetSuite’s products are uniquely customizable to the needs of your business.

By being able to reflect within the system your unique day-to-day activities as well as long-term tasks/observations, you’re then able to establish efficient and automated workflows within your business that typically don’t need to be checked on unless you’re changing something up!


Digital is now preferred because it makes life easier! Everything can be looked up with a click of the button and things can be set in motion with exactly the same. NetSuite’s multi-faceted software means that once you put in the information once, you don’t have to do it again. It’s saved and recorded! Going a step further, when you utilize products such as Accounting, you’re able to pull reports and gather information to better streamline your business. Things that may have taken you days with paper files can now be done in just a few minutes as the system is constantly keeping track of things you once had to do by hand.


Automation is the next reason switching to Digital is a breeze with NetSuite. NetSuite already knows exactly what will make your job easier (even if you don’t). Products within the software have been continually tried and tested by CEO’s, managers and employees (you name it) all over the world and so their feedback has helped provide NetSuite with the information needed to curate the products perfectly tailored to fit your business.

With things like invoices, marketing, product development, IT and so much more able to be automated within NetSuite, you never have to leave your computer to get something done or to check on the status. Depending on your product, the system is continually keeping an eye on things and can get necessary precautions triggered and in motion as needed.

Efficiency and Automation isn’t all there is…

Switching from Paper to Digital can help (and save) your business in so many ways and NetSuite is dedicated to fueling your transformation. Stay tuned for part 2 in this 2-part series to hear more on why you should not only consider switching to Digital but why you should use NetSuite to help you do it!

Are you still paper based? Share with us below on why!

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