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Turn Your Smart House into a Haunted House With These Top Tech Products

We’ve all been patiently awaiting Fall’s arrival, and if you have a smart house, the excitement should be just a *tad* bit more palpable!

With so many ways to bring the fall festivities into your home using smart house products, you’ll have ample opportunity to bond with the family, reconnect with your neighbors and settle in for a fun and vibrant holiday season. One of the ways to get ahead on doing that?

Have some Halloween fun by turning your humble home into a haunted house! Not sure on how to make that come to life? We’ve got you covered.

Read on to learn about some fun ways to have some ghoulish fun in your home this october!

Devilish Decorations

Devilish decorations can incorporate a host of different things and they don’t always necessarily have to be in the smart house department.

You could use things like spider webs, ghost props and more. But to turn it up a notch consider getting a screen projector to really turn the scary feels into overdrive!

Projectors like the ​​Optoma UHD50X allows you to project videos or illusions onto things like walls, windows, glass frames and doors. Which means that you can give your family the scares from indoors or your neighbors the scares from outdoors!

For additional help in achieving this devilish decoration using this top tech product, animation videos like this Jack-o-lantern Jamboree is a great tool to load up on your projector and play for younger children. However, if you have older children, something like this Night Stalkers one might be more up their alley.

Pro tip: Looking for free animated videos? Checkout youtube! When you google “halloween projections,” you’ll get a slew of options to play. The only downfall is that without a premium subscription, you may have to deal with frequent commercials.

Scary Sounds

What’s a haunted house without some scary sounds?

For immersive surround sound, setup a system like this Mod1 Home Theater Speaker System. It allows you to have a main block of sound (ideal for your main room of scares) followed by individual smaller speakers that could placed in your area of choice.

It allows your smart house to truly be connected at all times in the sounds of ghoulish goblins or wandering spirits as you continue achieving the perfect level of haunts.

Pro tip: The Michael Meyers soundtrack probably isn’t the best bet for your haunted house. If you’re unsure of what music to play, check out Spotify’s premade halloween playlists. They’re super popular during the season and can give you the spooky vibes you’re looking for.

Wicked Lights

Our final recommendation when it comes to turning your smart house into a haunted house, focuses on your lighting!

Set the mood by using smart light bulbs that allow you to change the color of the light as well as set the brightness. Controlling it from your phone, your home can be a strobe light of haunts or it can be a subtle glow of that spooky Halloween orange!

No matter which you choose, it’ll surely put the finishing touches on a haunted house your friends and family will love!

Have fun!

Halloween is only the start of all the festivities so make sure you start it off with a bang! Incorporate things that will achieve the scares you’re looking for but also bring out the laughs that bring everyone closer together. You can worry about cleaning up the mess later!

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