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What You Need to Know When Getting Started in NetSuite

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

You’ve done it! You’ve decided to take the fantastic jump into NetSuite and we couldn’t be more excited. Your business, your life and that of your employees are about to get way more streamlined, more effective and much easier!

Whether your top priority right now is making financial operations more efficient, getting better control of your inventory and fulfillment, replacing accounting software (goodbye quickbooks) or simply elevating the way you run your business, NetSuite has a host of products that can confidently serve your needs.

NetSuite currently dominates the tech IPO market and it’s no wonder why! Built-in flexibility, commerce-ready ERP, and native business intelligence that can provide your business with real-time analytics ensures that your business always has what it needs to continue thriving. But as you begin to implement this fantastic platform into your business, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to solidify a good foundation and make the most of your new business helper.


As we’ve mentioned in some of our other articles, one of NetSuite’s top priorities is keeping in mind the versatility of your business. Because your business is unique, NetSuite knows that sometimes the platform won’t be able to cover ALL your bases; but NetSuite doesn’t believe this should slow you down from getting your job done! Which is why NetSuite is partnered with SuiteApps.

Similar to apps on your phone, SuiteApps are applications that extend NetSuite for your industry and business needs by providing you with alternate applications that may be able to further help you streamline your business. Need NetSuite to help you run your manufacturing floor? Looking for some help complying with EDI requirements? Tired of sales tax calculations and want to make it easier? Whatever you may be looking for, you can find the additional help in SuiteApps!

The great thing about this feature is that “most SuiteApps run completely inside NetSuite, hosted on the same servers and living in the same database as your NetSuite data.”*

Customize Your Reports

Remember the old days when you needed to pull a report on numbers to see the trajectory of your business or how things are currently running and that would turn into your task for the entire day? Throw a party and celebrate because those days are now also behind you!

Another great feature of NetSuite is its ability to generate custom reports for your business and it’ll be extremely helpful for you to get acclimated to the diverse ways NetSuite is able to provide you with customized reports. Check out your customized dashboard as well as the easy-to-use report builder to get started! Knowing how to take advantage of this from early on will allow you to stay in steady control of what's happening within your business at all times.

Employee Comfortability

Another key component of your success when it comes to implementing NetSuite into your business is employee comfortability. In order for NetSuite to optimize and streamline your business as best as possible, it's vital that it becomes a part of your day-to-day activities. Utilizing all of it’s features and having company-wide adoption of the platform can allow NetSuite to do exactly what you’re implementing it for such as facilitating changes as things happen with your business.

You can make this transition easier by making NetSuite training a requirement within your business. With tutorial videos readily available within NetSuite’s resource library, your employees can have everything they need to get acclimated to the system whether they are new or established.

NetSuite Support Community

NetSuite offers a wide variety of services and features and it can get overwhelming! Which is why it’s important to know that you’re not making this transformation alone! NetSuite offers a robust Support Community filled with over 20,000+ members who are constantly chatting within the Support Community on questions they have about features or answering yours! By joining the community, you’ll be able to take advantage of the expertise of other customers who have been using it’s servers for years and have successfully implemented NetSuite to optimize their business.

And if they don’t have the answer (or you can’t find it previously asked), then NetSuite goes a step further by providing it’s “Ask A Guru” service! Within this service, you get access to a NetSuite guru who has complete technical comprehension of NetSuite and its products so that you can get right back to elevating your business.

We promise that once you take the time to learn how to implement it into the system and utilize it within your business, we’re confident you’re never turning back.


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