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Why Digital Innovation is important for businesses

For up-and-coming startups, it seems as though digital innovation has become the cornerstone for their success, but why haven’t other businesses started following suit?

No doubt you’ve seen these businesses.

If you think you haven’t, try thinking back on the past few years. Have you ever been to a doctor's office that feels as though you were stepping 30 years in the past? Maybe their walls are lined with paper charts, and their computer still looks like one of the first generations of the Mac? Those offices would be a prime example of a lack of digital innovation.

Similarly, businesses that are still working excel sheets or balancing their books by hand could also be seen as lacking in digital innovation.

The problem is that although this could seem like a personal preference, the more and more the digital world pushes forward, the more and more businesses like these will fall behind in their ability to give their business and their customers the experience and opportunity that digital innovation provides them.

If you’re someone who's on the fence about scaling your business by using digital innovation, stick with us. We want to share with you some ways investing in ERP systems like that of NetSuite or Celigo could take your business to new heights.

Improve Customer Experience

One of the most important ways that digital innovation can push the boundaries of businesses, big and small, is by perfecting the customer experience.

With outdated systems, it can be hard to keep track of different customer experiences along with their particular needs, but with CRMs powered by platforms like NetSuite, the customer experience becomes organized.

Reps and sales teams can categorize and save customer profiles along with pertinent details that can better help them provide quality service with every interaction. Additionally, with portals for customers to reach out, they’re able to request help on-demand and get it via email or chat support without ever having to deal with wait times over the phone.

Optimize Your Operations

Charging into digital innovation won’t only benefit your customers, it’s going to greatly benefit the scalability of your business!

ERPs like NetSuite typically provide businesses with robust platforms for finance departments, inventory management, and supply chain management, to name a few.

With a wide-spread view of all the money going in and out, on-demand reports, as well as analytics and automatic forecasting, digital products like this can help businesses have a better hold on the financial standing of their business so that they can make better choices.

Likewise, with efficient inventory and supply chain management, businesses can have a better idea of their capablities to serve the needs of their customers so that they’re always able to accommodate fluctuations in the market so they can take advantage of the highs and make smart choices to navigate the lows.

Secure Your Information: Safety for All!

So you’ve learned that digital innovation can help not only your customers and your business, but there’s another perk to investing in technology for your growing business: safety!

Your customers are searching for systems that provide them protection from scammers or phishing sites that may steal their private information. Alternatively, as a business, the security of your information is just as important! What would happen if anyone got ahold of business secrets or hacked into private accounts?

These are problems old systems were at risk of, but with digital advancements, many ERPs come with impenetrable security. ​​NetSuite, for example, “employs stringent round-the-clock monitoring tools, controls and policies, and a dedicated, tenured security team to ensure that it provides the strongest security for its customers.”

Digital Innovation = Scalability!

We’ve only scratched the surface of how much digital innovation can do for your business, but we hope these perks have also started to draw a bigger picture for you.

Digital Innovation gives your business the space to scale. By adapting faster, newer, and more effective strategies in your business, business owners are able to do more in their days, businesses are able to serve their customers better, and customers are able to have an optimal experience.

Remember, as Thomas Edison once said, “there’s a way to do it better – find it.”

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