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Why Starting Small Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

We believe that Small Businesses get a bad wrap around here! It's often thought that being small usually means you’re restricted in what you can do and how you can serve your audience but we think that couldn't be further from the truth.

To us, being a small business often outweighs the benefits of being a bigger business. In fact, because you’re small, we think you have more opportunities to be innovative and more efficient than that of the bigger fishes.

When it comes down to it, we believe that starting small isn’t such a bad thing. Read on to find out more on why starting small isn’t such a bad thing and how you can use systems like NetSuite to your advantage in business!

Cutting Edge Software

In most established big-time businesses, the software that is in place are programs that were implemented from the beginning (systems that are far behind where systems are now,) and being able to update to something new is much harder than if you were a newer small business with the capability to still get your business and employees into new software from now. Software like NetSuite!


As a small business, you need software that not only holds the capability of growing at the speed that your company will grow at but also pushes you to grow beyond your expectations.

With the features in place to help you with your CRM, eCommerce applications on the cloud as well as things like your financials or ERP, NetSuite is the all-in-one tool that can make a small business feel like its got big brand investments.

Additionally, because of the system's ability to streamline much of a small business’s standard operating procedures, NetSuite is able to boost up efficiency while also drastically reducing costs while also saving businesses more money.

So as a small business in a big pond, don’t feel overshadowed! Your ability to adapt to new ways to work faster and put out better results with more attention to detail can put you at the table with the best of them

New Products = New Revenue

Another reason that being a small business isn’t so bad? You’re able to test, try and roll out new products much easier than that of the big fishes!

As a small business, you have a more direct line of communication to your customers so typically, you find out a bit quicker when they’re enjoying something or on the hunt for something new. Such easy access to this information puts you in the perfect position to be able to give your customers what they want and need quicker than bigger brands. And by getting new products out first and before anyone else is doing so, gives you the potential to bring in sales and boost new revenue tremendously!


Being a small business can sometimes feel defeating, especially during surprising times like the pandemic, but if we’ve learned anything, it's that small businesses also know how to get ahead! By using innovative systems like NetSuite, small businesses can really streamline their processes and elevate their customer experience so that not only are they still making a big splash in the pond but so they’re also making big impacts on the lives they touch as well.

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