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Why your retail business needs an ERP System

Summer is in full swing and with consumers looking to make the most of it, it’s the best time for business owners to expect an influx in sales. But what happens when your systems aren’t ready for a busy season?

What happens when your business systems aren’t capable of giving new customers an experience that will make them want to come back?

Unfortunately, this can mean a few things. It can mean a frustrating sale for you and a less than favorable experience for your customer that not only makes them not want to come back but also makes them want to spread less than favorable reviews.

Luckily, these are problems that an ERP system can solve and it’s exactly why we recommend ERP systems for retail businesses. Read on to learn more!


When running a retail business, organization is something essential to success. Whether that comes with inventory, customer information, or finances, organization is what helps keep things in order and keeps things running smoothly. With an ERP system, the tasks of organizing is taken off of your hands:

Inventory can be tracked and managed so that you’re always aware of what’s on hand or what’s running low.

Customer Information and correspondence is always organized and stored away so that you’re able to access it when needed.

Finances can be monitored so that you’re always aware of what’s going in and out. That way you can make better informed decisions for your business.

ERP Systems like NetSuite can handle all of this under one umbrella that’s backed up onto a cloud so that you can get an overview of your business no matter where you are. That means no more having to login from a specific computer to access a spreadsheet or asking an employee to give you an update on inventory. By having it organized and under one roof, everyone is on the same page at any given time.


With ERP systems like NetSuite, efficiency is another bonus for retail businesses. Because by having everything organized and laid out, it permits you and your team to work better and more efficiently.

With fewer errors in system generated numbers as well as automated warnings when things look out of sync or are nearing low inventory levels, your team can work with confidence that they have all the access to the information they need.

And speaking of automation, with ERP systems like NetSuite, you’re able to set up workflows that automatically do many of your typical day-to-day tasks. Not only does this cut down the mundane tasks that often take up worker time but this also keeps things flowing in an efficient manner.

Overall, this helps your business run smoother and faster and it also gives your customers a consistent experience.

Customer Retention

Finally, one of the biggest reasons why retail businesses need an ERP system is because of customer retention.

With built-in customer relationship management, ERP systems like NetSuite help give your customers the VIP feel that they look for. With ease of tracking their order, looking at past orders or accessibility to reach out to you when needed, ERP systems with CRM capability helps make sure your customers are confident in your ability to serve them and the reasons they want to keep shopping with you!

All in all, ERP systems help allow retail businesses to run more efficiently and make room for their customers to be more confident in their services.

Are you looking for more information on ERP systems and what system may be perfect for your business? Click here to find out more on how we can help you find the solution!

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