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Working from Home with the Support of NetSuite

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

We’re well into 2021 and things have (to put simply) changed. Jobs we once thought had to be done in the office, have efficiently challenged the status quo and seriously emphasized the power of the internet and how far we as a society have come in an advanced technological world. And although we’re all missing the water cooler breaks or the lunchtime gossip from our co-workers, we have to admit that (dare we say it) working from home has its perks.

There are things that working online gives us the ability (and open-mindness) to streamline and cultivate a bit better than we would in our face-to-face world.

The NetSuite community has been the lighthouse example amidst this without a doubt! The Support Community has grown speedily over the last year as we’ve seen a tremendous amount of work-from-home employees rise to the occasion of making the best of their circumstances.

With a diverse collective of users, our NetSuite community consists of over “30,000 registered members including employees, developers and solution providers.”* and they’ve helped make the Support Community key to working from home.

Read on to find out how.

The Support Community

If you’ve ever participated in a FB group, you have an idea of how the community works! The main difference is that it’s focused on making your job easier and getting you the help you need! We’ve seen some beautiful stories come out within the last year on how community members have joined together to help each other find the right answers OR provide others with creative ideas on making something work when they’ve come up against a wall.

NetSuite Support Community has become akin to the typical office hangout spot these days! Check-in (or don’t) at your leisure, offer help if you can or request help when you need it. It’s provided a closeness that may have been robbed from employees due to the pandemic.

And with over 30,000 members, it makes finding and getting help a lot faster as well as brainstorming more diverse out of the box ideas.

NetSuite ensures that “all activities in the community are carefully monitored by an Administrator/Moderator to ensure community guidelines are followed” so that you can participate without any nerves about who you’re engaging with.

New features tutorials

Another great feature the Support Community provides to employees working from home (or working anywhere), is their New Feature Tutorials! Because as NetSuite watches the needs and questions of the community, it’s developers are constantly creating new features to uplevel the system and add in things you’ve shown interest in (this is why it’s so important to voice your questions in the community so new features could be proposed!).

Every time NetSuite rolls out another amazing feature to help make your job easier though, they provide a tutorial on how to start utilizing it immediately! All previous features also have tutorial videos available.

You can consider this as on-the-job training as this makes onboarding new employees to NetSuite efficiently easy! You can simply assign them tutorial videos to take a look at to get comfortable with the system, they can take a look at them when needed or existing employees can take a look if they need a refresher!

Ask A Guru

Sometimes other NetSuite users don’t have the answer you’re looking for and that’s not a reason to fret as NetSuite has already provided you with a solution! Introducing “Ask A Guru”! This is another great feature from the NetSuite Support Community that gives you direct access to speaking with a NetSuite Guru.

NetSuite does a multitude of things and it’s not your job to know all of it….but it is theirs! Through this forum, you’re able to submit a question to the NetSuite gurus who are “subject matter experts in all NetSuite Products” which means they’re able to answer any technical question you may have.

There you have it - on the go help at all times! How much better does it get?

We Understand....

Working from home has been a transition and making your employees comfortable with this change may feel like a lot to handle. But when you have the NetSuite Support Community supporting you and your employees every-day questions (and sometimes in real time), we love that this is able to make life a bit easier.

With such a diverse group of users, you’re more than likely always able to find someone who has the answer to exactly what you’re looking for OR vice versa! And the more active the community stays, the more NetSuite is able to keep putting out features to elevate it’s already optimal software and attend to every business need you have.

If the community doesn’t have your answer, make sure to check out NetSuite’s posted tutorials or even ask one of it’s Guru’s!

Help is all around.

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