How to Keep Employees Productive During the Holidays

The holiday season isn’t only chaotic for families; it’s just as chaotic for businesses. With high customer demands, end-of-the-year goals, and other objectives, this season is one of the most grueling ones you’ll face all year–which means you need a reliable and productive team to help you get through it. 


But with employees facing their own holiday overwhelm, how do you keep them productive and focused? How do you be the boss they need and the best boss to lead? We’ve got a few ideas!

Create Flexible Schedules

From October on, employees are navigating so much in their personal lives. Major holidays put stress on their shoulders, but there are also other things in between that fill up their schedule (think recitals, holiday parties, and visiting family.) 


One of the best things you can do to help them manage their stress and workload better is to create flexible schedules that honor the unpredictability of the holiday season. Reassure them that they have the means to manage their family's needs while also managing their workload. 

Embrace the Holidays

One of the biggest mistakes employers make during the holiday season is pretending that they aren’t in the holiday season! Don’t just give your festive spirit to your customers; make sure to give it to your employees. Raise company morale and spirit by embracing the holidays and showing them that you care about making this time good for them. 


While this doesn’t always mean a holiday party (although we don’t oppose it!) it could also mean putting up some decorations around the office or doing fun holiday team-building activities that excite them to come in. 

Get Ahead on Your Must-Dos

With so much on your to-do list, it can be easy to feel like Mr. Scrooge as you try to get everything done. But coming into the office heavy can put stress on yourself and your employees too–which can further decrease their productivity.


The best way to get around this is by getting ahead on your to-do list. If you know you’ll have a lot to get done or accomplish by the end of the year, start thinking about what you and your team can start tackling from now on so that the load doesn’t feel as heavy and there aren’t any stressful “crunch times.” 

Give Rewards

Who doesn’t love presents during the holiday season?


Now is a wonderful time to show your team some appreciation for their productivity. By charting out ways to get rewards throughout the busiest time of year, you’ll increase their motivation to do their best. The best part is that the rewards can be anything you like! You can do gift cards, gift baskets, or even extended lunches. If you want to *really* turn up the fun, let your employees submit a list of what they think would make a great reward–that way, you know they’ll love it. 

Stay Festive, Stay Productive

Keeping your employees productive during the holidays doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. The most important thing to remember is that this is also a special (and busy) time for them. So honor that! Use some of our tips and incorporate them into your decision-making and spirit throughout the office, and we’re sure you all will crush your holiday goals.