Oracle NetSuite for Small Businesses

For so many small business owners, running their own business is the dream of a lifetime. And we completely understand why! Owning a small business opens many doors. It gives you the opportunity to be your own boss, do something you love, attain financial freedom, and even give back to your community. 


But the drawback is that for many small business owners, running a business is completely new territory. While they may be able to get their business out the door, they’re not always as confident in learning how to get their business off the ground. With budget limitations, ambiguity around systems, limitations on their workforce, and a struggle with productivity, they can feel as though they’re destined to stay where they started. Enter NetSuite, an ERP for small businesses that is changing the game. 

Perception of ERP Systems

With fast-moving technology and consumers, we want things now; small businesses (SMBs) have to be ahead of the game in providing speedy service. But for many business owners, knowing the systems that can give them that is a big cloud of smoke. 


NetSuite is the answer. As a cloud-based ERP designed to support both small and large businesses, NetSuite provides SMBs with the tools they need to serve their clients and their businesses. Excelling in scalability and adaptability, NetSuite also ensures that it can grow with the unique needs of an SMB every step of the way. 

Budget Limitations

Are you scared about investing in the #1-rated ERP on the market? It's understandable. As an ERP that can serve large businesses all over the world, most might think that a NetSuite investment would be beyond their budget. 


But remember, NetSuite was designed to serve large and small businesses. This means they’re hyper-aware of your SMB's needs. They know that your budget will look drastically different. Because of that, NetSuite offers customized pricing for small business owners, letting you pay for what you need and none of what you don’t.  

Workforce Limitations

Just you and your trusted right-hand running the shop? That’s okay! Growing small businesses often are working with limited workforces. But that doesn’t have to work against you. And NetSuite knows it. 


With automation and streamlined workflows, NetSuite provides integrations and applications that can keep things moving in your business without you having to lift a finger. Making a team of 2 feel like a team of 20. 

Productivity Issues

If you’re new to entrepreneurship and running your own business, making any decision can feel like the weight of the world. When it’s time to invest more money into employees, products, or tech, you might be wondering whether or not you’re really taking everything into account or if there are blind spots you’re just not seeing. NetSuite has your back. 


With centralized data always ready and available for you, NetSuite constantly collects key insights into your business and its workings so that you can make more informed decisions. No more guessing on how well a product or service is doing. With NetSuite, you know. 

Is NetSuite Right For You? 

NetSuite was made for small businesses. Literally. With everyone chasing down the big giants, NetSuite understands that the real change is happening right here, in your business. And so it built an ERP that could be uniquely customized to fit your specific needs – no matter the industry.