Winter Makeup Looks: Our Favorite Trending Lip Shades for the Season

Sleighbells are starting to ring, and just about everywhere you go, there’s someone in Santa suit reminding you that it ‘tis the season to feel good and grateful about all the people and things in your life. 


However, if you’re finding it hard to naturally slip into the holiday spirit, perhaps it’s time to get a little more active in inviting it in! Our go-to way of making this happen has always been about embracing what makes us feel good about ourselves while sprinkling some holiday-themed cheer over it. And right now, there’s no better way to accomplish that than by embracing some winter makeup looks–no matter how tiny the detail. 


By dawning on the season's colors and finding the ones that make you feel more confident about yourself, we’re sure you’ll slip into the holiday cheer in no time! That’s why we’ve compiled some trending lip shades for the season to make it easier for you to accomplish your winter makeup looks. 

Santa Red

If you're looking for a small detail that makes a BIG impact, then go for a stunning bright red lip shade like this Real Red with cool undertones shade from our client’s Ilia. Created with organic castor seed oil and custom pigments, this product stays smooth while giving you a gorgeous but intense creamy finish


Designed to stun as a color block, you can either dress it up even more with eyeliner and blush or leave it as is and still garner some head turns and compliments all day long. Making you feel like you not only got filled with the holiday spirit but that you're bringing it wherever you go, too!

Suave Mauve

If you want to bring a little "grinch" fun to the party or give the impression over Zoom that you're not afraid to say "bah humbug," then test out some mauve-colored lip shades! They can give a more electric feel while still embracing the more notorious vibes of the holiday season.

Steamy Hot Cocoa

Looking for a color that brings you comfort but also class? A deep matte brown lip shade might be just the thing you're looking for! A beautiful shade against darker skin tones and a wonderful statement piece for lighter complexions, a matte brown shade is one you can’t go wrong with if you’re looking for safety AND stylish. 

North Pole Nude

If you've got other winter makeup looks up your sleeve and need a complimenting lip shade rather than it being a focus, then a nude color might be the perfect choice for you! Nude shades are a great way to give color and fullness to your lips while amplifying other dramatic plays on the eyes, cheeks, or apparel.

Sleighbell Berry

Looking for a balance between "elf" and "grinch"? A berry lip shade like this L’Oréal Paris Glow Paradise Balm-in-Lipstick might be just the thing you're looking for! While celebrating the infectious vibrancy of the season, it also gives a hint of #bossgirl that we never want you to hide!

Embrace Your Shade!

With the busyness of the season, personally and professionally, we know it can be hard to fit time in for yourself. But you deserve some of this cheer, too! Whether or not you can take a full break or just a little one, dressing up your winter makeup looks can help you go the distance in embracing the holiday spirit and getting a little more present in the moment.