Enjoying the warm weather while balancing work-from-home productivity

The forecast here in Irvine, California, is calling for a balmy 70°, which is part of why we love living here so much! The only downside to this is how difficult it can be to focus on work-from-home productivity, as the temperatures reflect the beauty of the spring season.


But as masters of productivity, we at Ekwani Consulting know that you can enjoy the warm weather while balancing your workload. 


Today on the blog, we’re sharing five of our favorite ways to check everything off your to-do list and still enjoy the sunshine as a remote worker who is local to Irvine.

Take your workspace outdoors.


One of the perks of working from home in Irvine is the sunshine that feels like it never ends. Take advantage of the rays by bringing your work outdoors - that’s the beauty of working remotely, right? Take your favorite chair, your laptop, your mobile device, and a cool glass of water with lemon to create a comfy and productive space outside. 

Replacing your typical work environment with an open-air setup will increase your inspiration and focus, allowing you to get more done. If you’re prone to distractions, throw in a pair of noise-canceling earbuds to help you focus. 


Take a walk. 


When the inevitable midday slump comes around, there are better solutions than downing your fourth cup of coffee. Easier said than done; we know.

Instead of masking your exhaustion with caffeine, take a brisk walk around your neighborhood to recharge your batteries.

Irvine is listed as one of the “top ten greenest cities” in the United States, so you’re sure to find a park, walking trail, or tree-lined street no matter where you work! 


Take your lunch break outdoors.


It can be so easy to eat your lunch in front of your laptop, so we’re challenging you to develop a new habit this Spring. 

Take a timeout and enjoy your lunch break away from your workload. This depends on your company policy, but if you’re allowed a lunch break, we encourage you to take it outdoors. 

The mild temperatures and endless sunshine we experience in Irvine make for the perfect lunch setting. Grab a blanket, set up a picnic, and get your extra boost of Vitamin D at the park or on your own patio. 


Join virtual co-working sessions.


Working from home has its tradeoffs, and social interaction is often one of them. When the spring weather begins to sprout, working remotely can intensify feelings of loneliness. 

But it doesn’t have to! Try arranging virtual co-working sessions with your coworkers or fellow freelancers. 

Block time off on your Google cal each week for a video call so you can work together, brainstorm, and provide accountability. If your virtual co-working buddies are local to Irvine, you can grab dinner (in real life) when 5 pm rolls around. 


Visit a co-working space.


While most of the co-working spaces in Irvine are located indoors, adding an occasional commute and switch up to your routine can help you embrace the feeling of Spring.

Here are a few well-known co-working spaces in the area: 


While it may prove difficult to work from home when the sun is shining, there is such a thing as finding the perfect balance. These practices are by no means exclusive to Irvine locals and are applicable to remote workers everywhere! If you’ve been looking for a sign to start celebrating the spring weather productively, this is it!