NetSuite vs. Celigo. We support both, so what’s the difference?

We have a humble confession. Maybe you already know it. Maybe you’ve suspected it. But no matter what, we’re ready to come out and say it: we’re nerds! As business consultants, we’re hooked on business technology — specifically ERPs — that can establish and amplify businesses within our communities. 


We love researching them, testing them, and examining them to find which ones meet the standards our clients deserve. And after 10+ years in the industry, we’ve gotten confident in saying that nothing beats NetSuite or Celigo. We support and recommend both, adamantly. 


But our clients and community often come with the same question: what’s the difference between them? And why do we recommend both? If you’re asking the same thing, we’re glad you're here. Let’s get into it. 

NetSuite 101 

Hailing as the #1 Cloud ERP, NetSuite is a business software that brings many tools to the table — accounting is only one of them! However, because accounting is such a critical part of a company's success, NetSuite’s focus and the features it provides to this department are what stand out to us beyond all ERPs. A few premier accounting tools include: 


Financial Planning


Such a clear overview of what's happening within your business at all times allows company officials to view finances at any time so that you can make informed decisions wherever you are and make sure that your business is scaling at every opportunity. 


Government Risk and Compliance solutions


If keeping up with government compliance standards makes you nervous, you don’t have to worry about that with NetSuite! Built-in protocols will make sure you’re not at risk and complying at all times. 


Again, this is only a quick snapshot of why the accounting features make NetSuite shine. But there are so many more ways that this powerhouse ERP can give you a comprehensive and in-depth look into your business as well as support you in managing it (and you can find more info on that in our full blog section.) But for now, keep this in mind: NetSuite is an ERP that has your back. 

Celigo 101

So if NetSuite is the #1 Cloud ERP…why bother with Celigo? Great question. Answer: Celigo isn’t in competition with NetSuite. It’s the ultimate partner to it. 


Celigo has become the user-friendly leader in NetSuite Integrations. With a broad approach to integrating NetSuite’s powerful platform with other non-negotiable platforms, your business depends on, Celigo truly amplifies your NetSuite experience. Here’s how: 


Streamlining your experience 


Like NetSuite, Celigo’s priority is making your business more efficient and effective in its day-to-day operations. To do this, Celigo works to streamline the experience for your employees by finding practical business solutions. It utilizes IPaas software, it provides e-commerce integrations that allow your e-commerce store to interact with multiple platforms, and it allows you to automate transactions, generate receipts, and/or make payments all under one roof. 


Prebuilt Integration App & Quickstart Templates


With prebuilt integration apps and quickstart templates that are fully managed, Celigo has made connecting your must-have platforms to NetSuite a breeze! Fast and easy, these integrations “are supported and maintained as standalone SaaS applications with automatic and continuous upgrades.” The quickstart templates “are packages of integration flows for that can be installed, configured, modified, duplicated, or deleted.”

NetSuite and Celigo: A Match Made in Heaven 

We’ve dedicated (and still do) much of our time to studying different ERP technologies to find what’s best to support your business. But after all this time, NetSuite continues to remain undefeated. And while the reasons we mentioned above are a BIG reason why, there’s one reason that remains tucked close to our hearts. 


It’s that NetSuite doesn’t pretend to hold all of the answers to your business because it understands that your business is unique and that its needs will change. And because of that, a structured, rigid ERP will never fit the bill. 


And that’s why it’s created the space to use an award-winning companion software like Celigo. Because while NetSuite helps give your business the necessary foundation it needs to soar, Celigo is the software that ensures you’ve taken flight. That’s the difference. 


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