We're Certified Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partners

You know that one bestie you can count on? The one who saw you at your worst and was a part of the journey as you became your best? They’re the real MVP, aren’t they? They’re the ones you can call on for support because you know that they just get it. They’re the only one (aside from you, of course) that’s an expert on your life. And they’re the ones who know how to support you in continuing to be your best self. 


Now, what if you could have that same MVP in your ERP and the way it ran? What if you could have someone who knew the ins and outs of your business so closely that they knew exactly how to configure your ERP to shine better for you and run at its best for your business? You can feel the ease already, can’t you? 


That’s what you get with a Certified Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner. And lucky for you, Ekwani is one! 

​​An Alliance Partner? What Does That Mean for Us?

There are lots of people and organizations that can help you set up and manage your NetSuite system. But what makes a certified alliance partner so special? We went the extra mile. We didn’t just learn NetSuite on our own; we partnered with them. We worked alongside and with NetSuite to ensure we held a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of the #1 cloud ERP system. 


As an alliance partner, we have a proven track record of success, an in-depth understanding of all NetSuite products (think Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Planning and Budgeting, and E-commerce, to name a few), and we can support you in-person or virtually from across the globe. 


But most importantly, as Certified Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partners, we’re recognized as industry experts. We know the certain pressures, challenges, and restrictions you’re facing and we know how to customize and configure NetSuite products to suit your needs. 

What Does This Mean for You?

This means that your load just got a whole lot easier. Instead of searching for someone to support you in implementing and navigating your NetSuite products, you can have confidence in knowing you're working with an expert because NetSuite has already deemed us as one!


And if you're unsure of what exactly it is that your business needs, that’s where our expertise really begins to shine. By having a full view and understanding of NetSuite’s products, we can quicker discern the products meant for you. Not only saving you massive amounts of time but also massive amounts of money. 

Get Support From the Best

At Ekwani, we’re all about uplifting our community. And when we decided to become a certified Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner, we did it with the intent of elevating the way we serve our community – the way we serve you. 


That’s why working with us to get the most out of your NetSuite investment is one of the best moves you can make in moving your business forward. Because we’re committed to being that ERP bestie. The one who will get in the trenches with you and learn all the things that are holding your business back so that we can show (and implement for you) all the things that will push it forward. 


Interested to find out how you can utilize NetSuite’s product suite to automate your processes, get a reliable bird's eye view of your business, and start making strategic moves that go the distance? Click here to set up a time to talk. Let our expertise guide your growth!