Morning Tips to Stay Productive in the Fall (despite the darker mornings)

The fall season brings many things to celebrate. It takes us through the pumpkin spice delight of Halloween and straight into Thanksgiving as we cozy up in the sweater weather. But for those of us who enjoyed the longer days of summer, fall might actually be something your productive side dreads. 


With darker mornings and colder weather that makes you only want to pull up the blanket rather than get out from under it, it can be hard to maintain all the momentum you’ve made throughout the year. However, we’ve learned that when seasons change, so must our habits in order to maintain our motivation. And if you’re someone who's been worried about the lack of motivation and productivity going into this fall season, then read on for some tips on how to keep it alive. 

Wake Up Earlier

We know this is probably not the advice you wanted, but during the fall season, sunrise happens at later times, and sticking to your summer schedule can throw off your day’s flow. So, to better accommodate your body’s circadian rhythm, set your alarm a little bit earlier so you have time to wake yourself up and do your morning routines to help you start your day on the right track. 


Need some help getting out of bed while the sun hits snooze? Try this sunrise alarm clock. By replicating the light of a sunrise when it’s time for you to wake up, it can adjust your body to the darker mornings and make it less likely for you to hit snooze, too. 

Develop an Empowering Facial Routine

When we feel good, our day tends to go much better. So, as we go deeper into the fall season, take some time every morning to make sure you’re doing what you can to make yourself feel your best. While that may consist of getting active, staying hydrated, and starting the day with some healthy greens, it’s also important to do what you can to feel empowered whenever you look in the mirror. 


If you have a facial routine you already love, then stick with it and add some fall love into it! If you don’t, then now is a good time to play with it. And remember that what you may have done for your skin last season might not be as beneficial this season. 

Plan Your Day

Our mornings will not always go as planned. Sometimes, we will hit that snooze button. Sometimes, we may get so into our workouts that we don’t have time to do a fully fledge facial routine. Or maybe! Everything is going as expected, only to be derailed by a 30-minute phone call from your business bestie. 


Our point is that things change. Our plans, our emotions, and our priorities. This is why we suggest that every morning before you head out, you take time to plan your day. Look at what you got done yesterday and what you wanted to do today. Then, weigh in on how you’re feeling. What do you have the capacity for? What needs to be pushed off? Give yourself goals that are fair to your needs, and then crush them! 

Settle In!

The fall season may provide us with its challenges, but before we know it, winter will be here, and you might find yourself craving these quiet moments before the holiday craze. So don’t let yourself get overwhelmed or thrown off track by the darker mornings. Instead, take them as an opportunity to enjoy more time in your days and more moments loving yourself and all the goals you’re about to achieve.