10 Ways to Romanticize Your Looks This Month

 As a staunch supporter of looking and feeling your best, we understand that making that happen may be challenging. With to-do lists to get to, house chores to be accomplished, and rugrats to take care of, glamming yourself up may not always be at the top of your list! Which is why we love the month of February!

With so much love in the air, and every store giving you an extra reason to treat yourself, the urge to prioritize YOU becomes a little more pressing. So this month, as you slow down for a moment and get ready to get glammed up (whether for some time with your partner or yourself), we want to help you look and feel like the most romantic version of yourself! So get ready to fall in love.


Read on to learn 10 ways you can romanticize your look this month!


Add the Roses

The first stop in any romanticized makeup or glam routine is the foundation. And we’re not talking about one that comes out of a bottle! We’re talking about your mindset. How you feel. So to start on your romantic look, take some time out to relax in a bath of roses. Then utilize a refreshing rose water spray to prep your face for its romantic look.

Glazed with Love

If you love a clean and effortless look, the new trend of glazing your skin might be right up your alley. To accomplish it, all you have to do is apply a serum to damp skin after cleansing and add a hydrating moisturizer. This look is definitely one to turn heads!

Bold Red Lips

The go-to romantic look is, of course, the well-known bold red lips! To accomplish this, find a red shade of lipstick you like (the more daring, the better) and dawn it on! For something less flashy, consider a soft pink hue. 

Add Some Blush

If you decide to go for the bold red or soft pink, compliment it by adding blush! This v-day play on your cheeks will surely heighten the romantic feel of any evening.

Luscious Lashes

The eyes are the windows to the soul! Add some flair to your romantic evening by adding luscious lashes that can highlight the beauty of your eyes.

Alluring Eyeliner

Are you going for a mysterious, romantic look? Black eyeliner could be a nice touch. Whether you go with a double flick, smoky lines, or cat eye, you’ll look gorgeous and romantic!

Romantic Eyeshadow

The next step to drawing attention to your beautiful eyes? Eyeshadow. You can have some fun here with so many color palettes and watercolors to choose from. Do what feels best, or go with the traditional red and pink!

Make Your Eyes Pop

Ready to really make your eyes pop? While many trends have popped up, the latest one includes adding rhinestones or other jewelry around any eye makeup to romanticize your eyes further.

Swooning Hair-Do’s

With the makeup part of your look squared away, two things remain to complete your romantic look. The first is your hair-do! Check out some of these romantic-do’s that flatter any look.

Lovely Nails

The last thing on the list to romanticize your look is your nails. While you can stay traditional with red or pink, you can also stay in the realms of romance with something like a french manicure!

Fall in Love With Yourself!

Remember that romanticizing your look is all about having fun and falling in love with yourself! So before you think of anyone else, remember to show some love to yourself this month. We promise it’ll make your Valentine’s Day more memorable.